NYE 2010 at Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grille

Up until about 6:00pm on New Years Eve, the Husband and I were unsure what our plans would entail that evening.  Our friends Carolyn and Martin were in town and during the day we had enjoyed ourselves at the Hoover Dam and the Boulder Dam Brewing Company.  We came home for some relaxation and naps and made our final plans for the evening.  With it being our first year in Las Vegas for new years eve, we thought it would be fun to go to the Strip but we weren’t set on what to do.  We decided on a later dinner and some fireworks watching.  Where would we eat, though?

I was leaning toward a restaurant at the southern end of the Strip.  With the city shutting down the Strip at 6:15 to prepare for the festivities as well as the exits to the Strip from I-15, we had to get creative in our driving route.  I pulled up OpenTable and searched for restaurants with reservations available around 9:45 or 10pm.  I had also looked at individual restaurant websites and found that a lot of them had NYE specials which were often multi-course meals for $100+ per person.  While we were willing to pay a lot for a nice dinner, they also included champagne at midnight but we planned on being outside by that point.  When I came across Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grille at MGM as having available tables, I thought this would be the perfect option.  We tend to like Wolfgang Puck’s restaurants, the food at his restaurants are reasonably priced (for Strip standards) and it would put us exactly where we wanted to be for the evening.  I made a reservation and we got ready for our night on the town.

We arrived a bit early for our reservation and the hostesses were very friendly and accommodating.  We were seated relatively soon after arriving.


The restaurant was open to the casino except for the pretty art along the glass walls.


After we ordered, we were served some warm foccacia which hit the spot and set the town for our meal.


I was feeling in a cocktail mood and ordered a Raspberry Lemon Drop which had Aboslut Citroen, Triple Sec and raspberry puree.  The perfect drink for me for NYE :-)


The Husband ordered a Schonramer Pils which he enjoyed. I made him pose with it so you could see him dressed up :-)


For dinner, the Husband ordered the Ricotta Gnocchi with sweet fennel sausage bolognese.  I had debated ordering this myself and am glad he did and shared a bite with me.  It was outstanding! It wasn’t particularly large but was the right portion size for him that night and he was pleased with his order.


I ordered the Marinated Baby Beets, Orange Segments, Humboldt Fog Cheese, Pistachios, Olive Oil, and Balsamic salad/small bite.  I wasn’t sure what Humboldt Fog Cheese was and couldn’t get data service on my iPhone so I asked the waitress.  I’m not sure if it was too loud but all I heard her say was that it was a goat cheese (which I love!).  Unfortunately, it was a goat BLUE cheese (which I hate!).  Luckily, I was able to pick off most of it.  The salad itself was a LOT of beets :-) Good thing I like beets! The section on the right I originally thought was orange segments but they were a golden beet.  The orange segments were on top.  Overall, this salad/small bite was excellent (if you like beets, of course).  The various flavors went very well together.


Along with the beets, I ordered a side dish of mac n cheese :-) As did my friend Carolyn.  This was the BEST mac n cheese I’ve had in a restaurant in a while I believe.  It was cavatappi (my favorite) and was just a perfect blend of cheese, milk, and butter with a crusty top. (The picture makes it look way bigger than it was… it was the perfect size side dish, not entree size)


During the meal, we were impressed with the bus service and the individual pouring water.  We never went without water for very long.  Our waitress was sweet but appeared to be overworked for NYE.  We didn’t see much of her but didn’t need anything during our meal so it was not a problem.  As always, Wolfgang Puck met our expectations and needs and we recommended this location to all of you.  We look forward to coming back and to trying his other locations in Vegas and beyond.

Happy New Year!

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