Boulder Dam Brewing Co.

When my parents were in town for Thanksgiving, after their visit to the Hoover Dam they stopped at the Boulder Dam Brewing Company in Boulder City for lunch and recommended we do the same some time.  We determined that it would be the perfect place to go with our friends after our recent visit to the Hoover Dam.  Tucked away on a quiet street, we found Boulder City to be quite cute!



The restaurant wasn’t quite what we expected.  I’m not sure how to describe what we expected, but the restaurant had more of a neighborhood feel, so it was different in a good way.  The Husband commented that he thinks that if we lived within walking distance, we would likely be regulars here (as it appeared a handful of customers are).



The Husband made sure that I got a picture of the Brite Tanks of all of the beers.   We learned that the tanks are where both the beer is fermented as well as served (there are taps on each tank).



To start, the Husband, our friend Carolyn, and I each ordered a sampler.  For only $10, we got to taste a decent sized portion (more than enough!) of each of their beers.  From the top left to right, read like a book (in the words of our waitress) we had:

  • Block 16 Honey Brown
  • Powder Monkey Pilsner
  • Hell’s Hole Hefeweizen
  • High Scaler IPA
  • Aggregate Amber
  • Black Canyon Stout


Each beer was excellent.  The hops were all well-balanced, as appropriate to the individual styles.  The stout was robust and flavorful.  The pilsner was crisp, as expected.  The amber was mild, but a great full-bodied drinkin’ beer.  The pinnacle, though, was truly the seasonal (a dark honey lager).  It had a remarkable honey undertone, which is generally impressive because it can be so hard to keep honey flavor in an unfiltered beer, and I don’t think the beer was filtered.  The beers were a great compliment to the meal.

While waiting for our food, to get some into our stomachs as we enjoyed our beer, the Husband ordered the Bavarian Beer Pretzel which was just what we needed.  Both the mustard and cheese dip were good compliments.


For our entrees, the Husband and I each ordered the Brewpub Chili and asked for it in their sourdough bread bowl.  We learned that all of the bread products are made at a local bakery and we were very impressed.  The bowl was delish! Soft and warm on the inside and perfectly crusty on the outside.  The chili was also excellent.


Knowing I would need some more munching foods to go with the beers, I ordered the Ploughman’s Platter.  It included apples, grapes, cheese cubes, bread, and a pickle.  It was enjoyed by everyone at the table.


Carolyn and Martin each ordered the Chicken Burger and enjoyed their lunches.


Our waitress Kara was a sweetheart and a great waitress.  She helped round out our experience as a great meal.  My parents’ recommendation was spot on and we imagine we’ll be back whenever we can.  Perhaps we’ll even bring home a growler or two!

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  1. Thanks, guys! I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. What a cool blog-thing!


    Bru Guru
    Boulder Dam Brewing Co.
    “A Bolder Damn Beer!”

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