Lunch at Layers Bakery & Cafe

Way back in October or November (I can’t believe I forgot to blog about it!), I had an opportunity to go to Layers Bakery & Cafe for lunch after a quick trip to my favorite Target.  I’d been meaning to go ever since they opened and I’m glad I did.


While I was expecting some sandwich and salad options, in addition to a full bakery, I was blown away by the options!


In addition to this menu, they have a handful of daily options that change, including a Noodle Pie.  That day’s Noodle pie was the Mushroom Crusted Ham & Macaroni – homemade mac n cheese :-) Of course this was what I had to get!


I placed my order, admired the bakery side, and grabbed a seat.



I watched them prepare the other orders…


… and was amused by the signs on the table about the tidbits of things to know about the restaurant.


A short bit later, my noodle pie was ready :-) With a side of sliced pear and a hunk of their fresh bread.


It was all delish! The food was tasty, the staff was friendly, and the cafe had a fun atmosphere.  I definitely need to find more opportunities to pop in for lunch or for some baked goods!

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One thought on “Lunch at Layers Bakery & Cafe

  1. Love Layers! One of my fav spots. It was nice when they were located right next to the TJ’s I go to, but I like their new, bigger location with a great brunch/lunch menu. Love a good latte and scone too. Yum!

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