Pretty Toes & Some Yotini’s

This weekend, I flew to DC and drove down to Virginia Beach to spend some quality time with my sister :-) I arrived late on Friday and we spent Saturday morning lounging, catching up, and watching chick flicks.  As the day wore on, we did was every good girls weekend includes… pedicures and fro yo! With the fro yo place all picked out, my sister chose a nail salon she hadn’t been to before: Great Neck Nails.


They were great pedicures for a great price.  Like my blue toes and matching blue flip flops they gave me? :-)


As we walked across the street, my toes were cold! However, I was looking forward to trying out another serve yourself fro yo place (especially since my sister was raving about it!).


Yotini’s is one of the many serve yourself frozen yogurt locations that have been popping up all over the U.S.  After my last visit to a similar place, I declared that I didn’t like serve yourself places.  Even though I love the ability to choose how much or how little I want in yogurt and toppings, I felt that the yogurt wasn’t cold enough and would be melting by the time I paid for my bowl.  I was willing to give it another shot though :-)

Like many of the others, there’s the wall of multiple flavors with little green tilework.


Each section has two flavors and the option to swirl (like this one below).  There are also little tasting cups so you can try a flavor without committing to it.


The topping selection at Yotini’s is HUGE.  There were two counters full of toppings, including lots of fresh fruit and candies.


Here’s my sister showing me how to pour toppings ;-)


On an adjacent wall, were a ton more options of candy and cereal toppings.


They also had three sauce options (hot fudge, caramel, and maple syrup?) as well as magic shell (a chocolate and a blueberry option!)


Another unique feature of this fro yo place is the option to get smores! The ladies next to us were enjoying one of these themselves.  I also saw a sign that they’re planning on adding a chocolate fondue option in the coming weeks.


After weighing and paying, we had colorful spoons to choose from :-)


Hmm, looks like I forgot to take a photo of my bowl! I had the Tart fro yo with strawberries, chocolate chips, and magic shell.  Here’s my sister again with her finished bowl!


As we chatted and enjoyed our fro yo, I took some quick photos of the decor as well.



Overall, Yotini won me over and has beaten out all of the other serve yourself fro yo places I’ve been to! My yogurt was still cold when I sat down which made me quite happy :-) And I really loved all of the topping options available to me.  The staff was incredibly friendly and I liked the additional options of smores and chocolate fondue in the future.  There’s even a little room for groups or parties! If you love frozen yogurt (even in this freezing weather!) and live nearby, make your way over to Yotini as soon as possible!

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