Lounging around Jackson Hole

While the weather was sunny and warm yet cool early in the week, it has become cloudy, rainy, and a tad chilly (low 50s) here in Wilson.  Since we made our big trip to Yellowstone on Monday, the group decided to lounge around the house on Tuesday and the girls had a mini outing over to Jackson, WY for some shopping and site seeing.  While I didn’t buy anything during that outing, I told the Husband that I wanted him to go back with me before we head out of Wyoming, both so he could experience the downtown area as well as help me pick out some gifts for friends and family.  On Wednesday, the group headed back to Yellowstone (to the east side, where supposedly you can see more wildlife), but the Husband and I stayed back since he needed to be back in the early afternoon for his online masters class.  We slept in a bit and headed into town in the late morning.  We only covered a few blocks, but I enjoyed attempting to capture the feel of Jackson Hole for you (and for us when we look back on the blog at this vacation).


The arch entrance to the park (on the right) is made of elk antlers! (This somewhat concerned me at first as I thought it represented all these dead animals, but it turns out elk shed their antlers in the spring and grown new ones.  Phew!)


There are lots of leather and fur garments throughout the town for sale.


The town is very pet friendly (though they prefer no food or drink in their stores)












After taking care of some shopping and gallery admiring, we headed over to the Pearl Street Market which included a butcher and local game meat.  We’re cooking for the group Wednesday night and we’ll be serving elk and duck.


We then headed to the main street looking for some pizza for lunch.



We found ourselves at Mountain High Pizza Pie


The menu included an assortment of pizzas, salads, and sandwiches as well as many local beers.  We placed our order at the counter and found a booth to try to warm up in.


The Husband enjoyed a Snake River Vienna-style Lager while I had a Cherry Coke.  We also filled our time looking at real estate in the area magazines (houses are SUPER expensive in Jackson Hole… but very, very nice)



We decided to split a small white pizza (the Husband’s favorite).  It was a traditional white pizza and included sliced tomatoes, artichoke hearts, and basil.


While we dined, we also got to enjoy the beginning of Back to the Future (the first one).  The Husband knows a lot of the lines (I don’t think I’ll ever understand how boys do that!) so even though there was no sound, he was able to help me know what they were saying back and forth Smile


Our pizza ended up being the perfect size and was delicious! The cheeses melted and gooed together nicely (yes, I just made up the word “gooed”) and the seasoning on top as well as the garlic underneath were perfect.  The crust was a little bit more crispy than I usually like but I loved the flavor of the dough.  Overall, it was a great pizza!


After our pizza, we explored a short bit more before heading back to the house for the Husband’s class and my continuation of lounging by the fire.  Smile

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