Sidewinders Tavern

After our day long excursion to Yellowstone, no one in the group felt like cooking so we headed over to Jackson Hole, WY for dinner.  We drove until we saw a restaurant whose title interested us and ended up at Sidewinders Tavern.


There were TVs throughout so we were able to watch baseball as well as Monday night football while we enjoyed our late dinner.


The menu offered a good selection of beers, including those relatively local (below) and the western U.S. in general.


The Husband ordered the Pako’s IPA and commented on how citrusy it was.


Our friend Leslie ordered a pretzel to start and since it was huge, she shared it with the table.  She had many options of things to stuff it with (they make them fresh) and she went with cheddar.  Everyone at the table enjoyed their bite or two.

As for dinner, the Husband ordered the Grilled Cheese which included bacon, tomato, and avocado.  The Husband was also excited to have a side of zucchini.  He was quite happy with his choice for dinner.


I was mesmerized by the back of the menu which included many flavors of pizza (a whole pie or by the slice), but went with the calzone option.  I stuffed mine with meatballs and mushrooms.  The calzone was huge (easily big enough for two) and I really loved the meatballs.


I also had a taste of my friend’s mushroom ravioli which was very flavorful (though she got tired of mushrooms about halfway through).  The others generally enjoyed their food and we appreciated the attentiveness of our server.  He was laid back but friendly and helpful.  We lucked out on a good find for a late dinner after a long day.

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