A Snowy Day in Jackson

One of the reasons we went to Yellowstone early in the week is that they were predicting snow on Thursday and Friday and we didn’t want to run into any driving problems through the mountains.  So, when we woke up Thursday morning to snow, we were glad we didn’t have any big plans to go anywhere.  We had a leisurely morning and enjoyed what will likely be our only snow of the year (since we live in Vegas).  We did decide to head back into Jackson, though, to check out the Snake River Brewing Company for some lunch and beer.  We bundled up as best we could, jumped in the Suburban (just big enough for the whole group), and headed into town.



The Husband put on a show for me and his snow Smile



Once we were all seated, we immediately began perusing the beer menu.


Our waitress gave us a heads up that in honor of Oktoberfest, they were offering specials on steins and half steins so the whole table (minus our pregnant friend) got beers in one size or the other.  I ordered the half stein of Zonker Stout while the Husband had a stein of Snake River Lager.



For lunch, the Husband went with one of the items on the Seven Dollar Lunch Menu


The Brewhouse BLT, in particular because it had avocado on it.  He enjoyed it and described the bacon as exceptional.


For the first time ever (?!?!?!), even though mac n cheese was on the menu, neither of us ordered it! I personally was very turned off by the idea of having pickles on my mac n cheese (though others at the table thought that sounded good).


Instead, I went with the Roasted Chicken Pappardelle.  It included roasted chicken, mushrooms, asparagus, and sage over pappardelle noodles in a sherry cream sauce.  While I enjoyed the noodles, and the mushrooms, the dish was just too much for me.  While thick and creamy, it tasted a bit bland to me and I didn’t care for the chicken being cubed.


We all hung out for quite some time so most of the guys had a second beer.  The Husband ordered the Snake River Pale Ale.


Overall, we all enjoyed our beers a lot.  The Husband particularly liked his lager with the Vienna style malts.  Our waitress was fun – actually the entire restaurant had a very fun vibe going on (in the bar area, there was definitely a lot of excitement as we heard lots of cheering and laughing throughout the afternoon).  We were glad that we ventured out to give Snake River Brewing a try.

When we were done, the snow had subsided so we headed back outside to explore the town.  Thanks to it being calmer, I was also able to enjoy some of the exterior decorations of the bar.





I got a kick out of these two signs next to each other in the parking garage.


After debating at the car for a short bit, we decided to head farther into town.  I took advantage of it to take a photo of the antler arch I mentioned in yesterday’s post.


And then we found ourselves in the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar.


All of the bar stools are saddles which we think is fun!


We took a seat at some tables though.  All of the beers are bottles and cans and findable on the table menus.


I took a picture of our friend’s Million Dollar Cowboy Beer because I liked the bottle.


The Husband ordered the Pako’s IPA which only came in a can.  He thought it was good but it had too much hop aroma for his taste.



I snapped a photo of another patron sitting in the saddle bar stools.


Apparently the Husband could only take photos with his mouth open on this snowy, beer day!


In general, the bar had a downer feel to it while we were there so after a beer we decided to head back.  The snow had stopped and we enjoyed the beautiful views from our back deck before pulling dinner together for the Husband’s and my last night in Wyoming.





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