Pappadeaux on the way home

On the way home from North Carolina, the Husband and I flew through Houston International Airport – an airport we’ve come to know well with United’s merge with Continental (i.e. we have a lot of connects through IAH nowadays).  We had a 3 hour layover around dinner time so I requested that we try to have a sit-down dinner while in the airport.  IAH has a lot of great looking options, better than a lot of airports we fly through, so we had our pick of where to go.  Each layover, though, the Pappadeaux sign has caught my eye so I suggested we go there and the Husband agreed.  We headed over to Terminal E and took the stairs up to the restaurant (elevator also available, especially for that rolling carry-on luggage).


When we entered the lobby and checked in with the hostess, we were told it was a 5 minute way and were asked if that was ok.  Only in the airport would that be a concern! With how long our layover was, we were willing to wait much longer and happy for the quick seating.  Once seated, we were presented with many mouth watering menu items, but we found the prices to be a bit steeper than we expected.  Most of the entrees were in the $20-$30 range and while we are used to prices like that in Las Vegas, we didn’t expect that in an airport.  Truthfully, the prices affected what we decided to order – after being on vacation for two weeks, we just weren’t interested in spending a lot of money on an airport dinner.

The Husband started with a beer – a Houston local, ZeigenBock.  It came in a nicely frosted glass which was appreciated and was a reasonable price for the large size (about $8).


For his entrée, the Husband ordered the Seafood Cobb Salad which was jumbo lump crabmeat & shrimp over an iceberg & spinach mix with applewood bacon, bleu cheese, avocado & tomato with a vinaigrette on the side.  He went with the medium size instead of large, due to the price and was content with the size.  The shrimp and crab were good, but there was nearly all iceberg and just a splash of spinach. 


As a side dish, the Husband ordered the Dirty Rice at the enthusiastic recommendation of the waitress (who was very sweet and personable).  It was a sharable size, well priced (less than $3) and the Husband really enjoyed it.  He thought it was one of the better dirty rice dishes that he has had.


I settled on the Fried Shrimp and Catfish platter. Both the shrimp and catfish were fresh and cooked to my liking.  I really enjoyed the breading used and appreciated that the fried seafood wasn’t greasy at all.  I was disappointed in how many fries there were in comparison to the shrimp and catfish – it appeared to be more of a plate of fries with a side of seafood rather than the other way around.  All very tasty but not what I want my dinner money to go toward.


Overall, while I’m glad we had some good seafood and good service, I’m not happy with the prices we paid.  My fried seafood/french fry dish was nearly $20 and the Husband’s small salad was $12.  I wondered if the prices were jacked up due to being in an airport but checking out the menus for the other locations on the website, it appears that they’re consistent across the chain.  The next time I’m at IAH and looking for table service, I probably won’t go here again.  However, if you’re in the mood for seafood and have time for sit-down service at IAH, I’d recommend Pappadeaux.  The food is good and the service is good – just expect to pay a few extra dollars than planned.

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3 thoughts on “Pappadeaux on the way home

  1. I liked this post. When I lived in Houston, I became familiar with all the ‘deaux’s’, and how big that chain is. What impressed me the most is the consistency, from concept to concept, of well above-par service, and food. Not to mention the appearance of the service staff. It blew my mind to see an entire restaurant staff groomed to the T. I later found out the company pays the servers back for their dry cleaning expenses, and it’s a uniform requirement. I live in LV, a so-called culinary mecca, and I can’t say I’ve witnessed this at any restaurant, let alone a huge chain, like the Pappadeaux brand. You have a charming way of presenting your restaurant outings.

    I got one gripe. What’s up with referring to your man as ‘the husband’? Is that an inside joke on the blog? If I’m missing something, I apologize, but it comes off a little condescending. JMSO. Cheers! lvfrankg

  2. In your wanderings, we’d love to have you come by our new, authentic Farm-to-Table restaurant in Lincolnton, NC: Harvest Moon Grille. We were in uptown Charlotte for years and left that location in 2013 to open up in our hometown. We source all our ingredients (with a few exceptions like olive oil and spices) from small scale farms within 100 miles of our doors (including our own farm, Grateful Growers Farm in Denver NC). Our food and approach to it are unique and real. We’d love to have you come by, and even better, write about us. We are open 8a-3p Tuesday-Sunday with breakfast/brunch all day. We will start dinner service (with a stellar beer and wine list) later this fall. I’d love to send you a press release to cover some more info…just let me know where to send it.
    thanks for what you do!

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