Vegas StrEATS and Fremont Street

A few months ago, the El Cortez Hotel & Casino in Downtown Vegas began hosting Vegas StrEATS, a food truck and street art festival the first Saturday of the month, across the street from their location.  We had heard good thing about it and we’d been looking forward to trying more food trucks as we had only experienced Slidin Thru  and Haulin Balls at this point.  I also wanted to enjoy an evening on Fremont Street so the first month we were both home for the first Saturday of the month was July – we decided to make that our Vegas StrEATS date night.




When we first arrived, we did a walk through to see what trucks were available to try that evening.  We saw Fukuburger, one of Vegas’s most popular…


… as well as Slidin Thru.  Due to their popularity, their lines were too long for our patience and there were other good looking options.


We made a plan to order one or two things at a handful of trucks and share them all, so that we each had a taste but not a full meal at any one location.  First up, we tried The Cheese Steak Truck.


Their menu was nice and simple and easy to read (not a given thing as we learned at later trucks).


We ordered one cheesesteak with mushrooms, onions, and cheese wiz as well as a Diet Coke (our preference over Coke).  The cheesesteak was great – we really enjoyed it!


The Diet Coke we did not like, however.  Splenda doesn’t not belong in Diet Coke (it really doesn’t belong in anything in my opinion – bleh)


The next food truck we tried was Tasty Bunz


Their menu was way more difficult to read.  We could tell that they had both sweet and savory buns (think pork buns style of bun, if you had those before).  It was difficult to plan what you wanted to order until you got very close to the order window, which was a bit frustrating.



We ordered a bottle of water (it was hot out, plus any time you spend any real time outside in Vegas, hot or not, the desert air sucks you dry)…


…and we were given a Chick-O-Stick as “dessert” while we waited for our food.


We decided to order one of each of the savory buns, which worked out to a single bite for each of us of each flavor.  The flavors were No Worry (beef curry filling with basil/lime dough), McCheezy (cheese filling with mushroom dough), and Queso-Diaz (cheese, panchetta, and jalapeno filling).  The Queso-Diaz was our favorite, but they were all pretty good.  We also ordered 2 cake pops but only one was in the box Sad smile Small bite for each of us was good enough though.


Tasty Bunz on Urbanspoon

In addition to the burger trucks and the trucks we sampled above, the other food trucks included one with pizza…


…one with coffee and smoothies…


… and a café.


After our cake pop, we were full so we did a walk through of the street art vendors to see if anything caught our eye.





Nothing did, so we headed over to Fremont Street as the rain clouds started to loom.  There were lots of interesting characters, as you can imagine, so we just walked and photographed what we saw.






Just as it started to pour, I got my first Fremont Street Experience show – a light and music show on the roof of the street cover.  It was a bit underwhelming from the expectations I had for it, but it was still fun.


Our friend Andy had recommend to the Husband The Griffin, a bar in the downtown area which is eclectic and everyone is welcome.  We decided to pop in for a drink to see what it was all about.


Once inside, we found a cozy dungeon like setting with couches and fireplaces.  (Who’d think we’d be enjoying a fireplace at a bar in Vegas in July?)


They had a good drink selection and we simply loved the atmosphere.


We enjoyed one drink before I started to get sleepy and asked to go home.  We definitely recommend The Griffin if you’re looking for a cozy bar to get away from the crowd.

Across the street is another bar we recommend, which we might blog about one day but I’ll give you a quick blurb right here.  Insert Coins opened not too long ago and it’s a haven for the gamer 20s and 30s men.  It’s filled with arcade style video games, a large bar with Nintendo, Xbox, etc that you can play with screens you would normally see at a sports bar, and a lounge area where you can get bottle service and all the games you could ever want to play on similar gaming systems.  It is a lot of fun – if you like video games at least Smile


Our date night out in Downtown Las Vegas was lots of fun Smile Looking forward to going back soon!

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  1. I live in vegas and it is very hard to find good coffee. The only choice seems to be starbucks and dunkin donuts. Appreciate if you can post places that have exellent coffee.

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