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This post was originally scheduled for later this week, but with today’s Groupon being $5 for $10 worth of sliders at Slidin Thru, I knew I had to get this out today for all of you who haven’t experienced them yet! (and to encourage you to take advantage of the Groupon!)

Over the last few months, I’ve been on the lookout for fellow Las Vegas food bloggers and across a few of their sites I learned about Slidin Thru, a food truck which specializes in Gourmet Sliders that travels all over the Las Vegas area, parking for lunch and dinner for locals to enjoy.  Last Tuesday, I checked out the schedule for the week (they post it every Sunday or Monday for the week) and saw that they would be in Henderson on Wednesday for lunch.  I told the Husband that we would be having lunch in a parking lot on Wednesday :-)

Their lunch hour is from 11-2 and we headed to their location of the hour right around 11:30.  When we arrived, there was quite a line! Not too intimidating though so we jumped in the back of the line and waited our turn.



A trusty dry erase board informed us of the prices of the food (easy to read below).  Apparently, a customer the week before made it to every stop.  That’s a lot of sliders!


There were two menus up on the truck – a larger one and then the smaller one near the order window which matched the online menu.


I overheard some seasoned customers order their sliders differently than how the menu listed them, but the Husband and I stayed simple and followed the menu to a T.

After we ordered, we grabbed ourselves some glass bottle soda from the truck.  Real Coke (made with sugar) for the Husband and an Orange Fanta for me :-)


A helpful bottle opener was attached to the truck, next to the coolers.


Then came our sliders! (We ordered too much food!)


In the Husband’s right hand were my sliders.  I ordered the Barbie (angus slider with melted cheddar, carmelized jalapeno, crispy fried onion, bacon, and bbq sauce), a Captain’s Order (roma tomato, arugula, crisp bacon, feta cheese, sauteed onion, and balsamic reduction), and the Pulled Porkie (tender, slow-cooked pork, carmelized jalapeno, and bbq sauce).  They were all excellent but my favorite was the Pulled Porkie.  Carmelized jalapenos?? Awesome!


The Husband ordered the Pep Pep (lettuce, tomato, crisp bacon, sauteed onion, melted cheddar, and super sauce), a Captain’s Order (roma tomato, arugula, crisp bacon, feta cheese, sauteed onion, and balsamic reduction), and a Plain Jane (cheese & ketchup).  His favorite was the Captain’s Order.  I shared with him a bite of my pulled pork and he was a big fan as well.  (Our baskets also came with candy – skittles for me and starbursts for the Husband, but we switched – and handiwipes).


We also ordered their sweet potato fries which the Husband really liked.  They were just so-so to me so I’m looking forward to trying their regular fries next time.


Overall, we were super impressed with Slidin Thru.  They make everything fresh and they were very nice.  Down the road, if they have space we recommend they get some portable picnic tables, but taking them back to the office would work well too.  We might hold off on how long it is till we go back (it’s HOT in Vegas in the summer if you didn’t know :-) and standing in line in a parking lot for a half hour is a bit gross… They do have dinner hours as well, so hopefully they’ll be in our neck of the woods one evening so we can hit it up again soon.

If you’re in the Las Vegas area, you’d be crazy not to take advantage of today’s Groupon! $5 for $10 worth of sliders – Yum!

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5 thoughts on “Slidin Thru – Sliders from a Truck

  1. I have been meaning to hit up the Slider Truck for a while now… and then the Groupon came out today… and now your post. I’m sold, I’ll buy the Groupon. They’ll be near me this weekend!

  2. Love the slider truck! I went a little over a month ago when they were at my fiance’s work (they will be there again on the 13th!). I love the yaya and the caprese, so good! I actually enjoyed the spicy sweetness of the sweet tater fries :)

  3. Make sure you try Nora’s in Summerlin! There is a groupon for it today. It’s excellent! The sweet and sour meatballs are delish!

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