Grimaldi’s Pizza for the Fourth

On the Fourth of July, the Husband and I had plans to meet up with friends to watch the fireworks across the valley while enjoying drinks at Lindo Michoacan, one of the apparently best places to see fireworks, at least in our part of Henderson.  They weren’t expected to start until approximately 9pm so part of the group decided to head out to dinner before the festivities began.  Our friends Andy and Michelle and recently discovered Grimaldi’s Pizza next to Nielsen’s on Eastern and they had rave reviews.  Knowing that they loved Settebello as much as we do, and they were claiming this to be better, we were up for the taste testing challenge (plus we don’t turn down good pizza).  Grimaldi’s niche is making pizza in a coal-brick oven, something that we hadn’t tried before (at least as far as we could remember).


It was a gorgeous evening for summer in Vegas (our heat didn’t really start to hit till the end of July) so we chose to sit out on the patio which also had ceiling fans.  The tables were all covered in checkered tablecloths which was a fun touch.


As I mentioned above, the restaurant is next to Nielsen’s Frozen Custard.  Unfortunately for all of the kids in this picture, Nielsen’s closed early that day so no frozen custard for them Sad smile


Once the whole group was there, we placed our orders.  The menu consists of pizzas, salads, and dessert, all sharable items.  So, the Husband and I ordered a salad to start.  It was a simple, yet refreshing salad, of romaine, feta, olives, tomatoes and onions with a vinaigrette.  It was quite large and more than enough for 3 people as an appetizer.


To add to the gorgeous summer night, we of course ordered some beers.  The Husband had the Inversion IPA and I likely had a Sam Adams Summer Ale.


Most of us ordered our own pizzas which ended up being huge! We had lots of leftover pizza and we got to each try the other flavors on the table.  Specifically, I ordered the meatball and tomato pizza with marinara and white crust (you could choose your sauce and pizza style in addition to toppings).


The Husband ordered one of the white pizzas which I believe had anchovies on it.  Yum!


A handful of folks decided to get dessert as well (after packing up the pizza in boxes).  The Husband loved the blueberry crumble cheesecake Smile


Another fun aspect of the restaurant, if you have dogs, is that they’re welcome on the patio.  This little guy kept us entertained toward the end of our evening.



Overall, Grimaldi’s was good.  The food was enjoyable and the service was attentive.  I still prefer Settebello as my favorite gourmet pizza place and Metro Pizza as my favorite large pizza place, but Grimaldi’s is worth going back to.

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3 thoughts on “Grimaldi’s Pizza for the Fourth

  1. Yeah Grimaldi’s has some good pizza. And Settebello too. Between the two of them it’s a toss up for me as to which is better. Both of them are hard to compare with Metro because the style of pizza is different. Metro does have good pizza although I would put it as the best in Vegas. My suggestion is to try the secret pizza place at the Cosmopolitan for some good ny pizza. Also Rocco’s is good.

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