After watching an episode of Man v. Food, I was intrigued about an Atlanta haunt called “The Vortex.”  I decided that while I was in Atlanta, I HAD to get there.  As it turns out, there are two locations.  The Wife came to visit one weekend while we were there, and we popped out to the original location in Little Five Points.  It was, eclectic to say the least – just our kind of place!


It was 2 pm on a Sunday, and we had a 40-minute wait.  To be fair, it was the weekend of daylight savings, so it was like it was really 1 pm, but still, we were surprised by the wait!

Once we got inside, the inside was very stylishly decorated.


Anyplace that has a motorcycle hanging from the ceiling has to have some good stuff going on.


With décor like this, is it any wonder that they had a remarkably-entertaining menu?






So… ambiance… light-hearted menu… how ‘bout the menu?  Well, I don’t think there was anything that was “heart healthy” available. 


Notice that the double bypass burger is served between grilled cheese sandwiches instead of a bun.  Wow.  I was impressed at even attempting it – let alone institutionalizing it as a mainstay of the menu. 

So, we finally ordered our meal.  Everything was fried, believe it or not.  We started with fried pickles (unavailable in Vegas), and cheese curds.




The fried pickles were good, but not great.  The cheese curds were good, too, but not great.  I was beginning to think this place be big hat, no cattle (all show and no substance).  I was ready for the main course, and it showed up shortly.


The Wife ordered the pimento burger.  Notice the big glob of pimento cheese on top.  We also appreciated the hefty helping of tater tots. 

My burger was equally impressive (if not a little more impressive).  I ordered the coronary burger (see above).


I do love myself a nice Red Robin Royal burger – but THIS put it to shame!  Extra bacon, tasty American cheese, and a fried egg!  Awesome.  And the taste lived up to the hype!  The tater tots were excellent – perfectly crisped and hot, without being [too] greasy or scalding hot. 

Big hat, no cattle?  Shame on me for even thinking it.

We had so much extra food, it left us quite a set of leftovers.


I wanted to make my way back before I left time, but I didn’t have time.  Definitely I’ll make it a point to get back there sometime, though.

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