It’s not Taco. It’s not Mac. But it’s good.

While in Atlanta, one of my coworkers recommended going to a local chain with a large beer selection – Taco Mac.  One evening, a couple of us popped out to enjoy a brew from their extensive beer selection, and give the food a try, too.

After arriving, I was shocked at how extensive the draught beer selection was. 


I was impressed with the beer menu.


What was even better, there was a great selection of Georgia beers.  I’m a big fan of both Terrapin and Sweetwater breweries, so I was excited to try some beers that are generally unavailable in Las Vegas.

They didn’t just have beer, though.  As our reader is probably aware, Coca-Cola is housed in Atlanta.  Evidently, Coca-Cola is trying out a new drink dispensing system – basically a new kind of soda fountain.  Taco Mac, being a local Atlanta merchant, had this new system.  The beverage selection was, just as much as the beer selection, extensive.


After surveying the beverage selection, I did, in fact, decide on a beer.  One of my all-time favorites – Terrapin Rye.


I also ordered a bite to eat.  Boneless chicken fingers (known as chicken nuggets or chicken fingers when I was in elementary school) and French fries.


As it turns out, the food was actually really, really good.  The fries were perfect and the tenders were juicy with great sauce.  It was all top-notch, which I didn’t really expect.  I generally expected the beer selection to compensate for what was otherwise mediocre/lackluster food.  Not the case, though!  The beer was everything I hoped for, while the food exceeded my expectations. 

I topped it all off with a second beer – Sweetwater IPA.  Georgians definitely know how to do craft beer.


It was “just a bar,” but everything about it was a step above everything I expected.  I made my way back again (to a different location – it’s a local chain) while I was in Atlanta, and found it to be just as tasty.  I was even more excited when I heard that Taco Mac had opened a shop in our very own, Charlotte (South Park)! 

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3 thoughts on “It’s not Taco. It’s not Mac. But it’s good.

  1. I’ve been meaning to ask you this for ages, but keep forgetting (until now obviously) – have you been to The Pub in the Monte Carlo hotel? I’m sure you have but I don’t remember reading about it, and just on the off-chance as I know you don’t spend that much time on the Strip… 70 draft beers, microbreweries & imports included… I went there last November, and I loved it! Didn’t try the food in there as I was on my way to a different burger place for lunch, but it looked OK if you just want something like a burger to soak up all those beers!

  2. Chrissie – Thanks for the tip! I’m pretty sure the Husband hasn’t been to The Pub yet (I know I haven’t) but we’ve thought about checking it out. He had been a fan of The Pub’s predecessor (whose name I’m forgetting). We’ll add it to the list and hopefully will have it on the site soon :-)

  3. Hi, Chrissie,

    Sorry for the uber-delayed response! I’m having a problem with my comment-tracking setting! The Pub at the Monte Carlo has changed it’s vibe several times since it opened. I used to be a huge fan of it back in the 2001-2005 timeframe – when they actually had the brewery right there and working. Since then, they have gone through some big changes. The last time I went, I really wasn’t all that impressed with it, so I haven’t gone back. It didn’t have 70 beers on tap back then, though, THAT’S for sure. I’ll have to put it back on my list, and we’ll make it a point to go check it out. We’ll be sure to blog about it, too! Thanks!

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