An Excuse for Pie

As a kid, my family would visit a diner called Baker’s Square every once in a while for dinner or breakfast, but more importantly – pie! I have fond memories of French Silk pie and the rare times I see it on the menu, I get excited.  I don’t have pie often but when I do, I love it.

Shortly after we moved to Las Vegas, we drove past my first Marie Callender’s Restaurant & Bakery and I was surprised! I had no idea it was a restaurant – I’d only ever seen the frozen foods.  When I realized their specialty is pie, they got added to my “must eat” list.  On Saturday night, I wasn’t in the mood to cook and decided I wanted pie.  The Husband appeased me and we headed to our closest Marie Callender’s.

After perusing the menu for a while, although there were some good choices (lots of diner food options), nothing was really standing out to me.  Since I was there for the pie, but wanted dinner first, I chose to go with the unlimited soup and salad bar.  It wasn’t huge but had everything that I needed for dinner.


While I was off getting soup and salad, our waitress brought us cornbread.  I tend to not be a fan of cornbread the but the Husband loves it.  After he raved about it, I decided to have a bite myself and was very impressed with how moist it was.


The soup and salad bar had two soup options – a vegetable minestrone and a potato cheese soup.  Minestrone often tastes too salty for me so I went with the potato cheese soup and the cup hit the spot.


My salad had a great base of mixed greens.  On top, I had beets, mushrooms, peas, corn, grilled chicken, pasta salad, and some cantaloupe.  I went back up for a tiny bit more of pasta salad.  Yum!


The Husband ordered the Los Cabo burger as part of the burger and pie deal Smile It had a “spicy” sauce which supposedly had jalapenos in it, jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and avocado, plus a side of fries.  He thought the fries were perfect – not too crispy not too soft.  They tasted somewhat battered to me, and I agreed that they were good.


On to the best part – pie! I knew exactly what kind of pie I was going to have – Chocolate Satin which I assumed was MC’s version of French Silk.  I was Smile It was excellent! The dish makes it look like it was a small piece, but it was a perfect size.


The Husband and I were interested in seeing what the difference was between the Chocolate Cream and the Chocolate Silk pie so he ordered it so we could share and compare.  The chocolate cream pie tasted like chocolate pudding (a good thing in our books) and was just as good as the Chocolate Silk. And it had sprinkles!


I seriously can’t wait to have more pie at Marie Callender’s Smile The rest of the meal was enjoyable as well.  It was cheap and our waitress was a sweetheart.  She was super overworked, though, so service was a bit slow.  However, since we weren’t in a hurry, it didn’t bother us at all.  The place appeared to be very kid-friendly (there were LOTS of families with kids there) and all of the staff appeared to be quite patient with them all.  I’m not sure if we’ll be back to eat dinner, but the breakfast menu looked good and I know I will be getting some pie to go.

Do you like pie? If so, what’s your favorite flavor?

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