Melting Pot for Easter–Continuing the Tradition

A handful of years ago, the Husband and I began a tradition of going to the Melting Pot on Christmas Eve.  During our first year in Charlotte, our families were coming for Christmas on Christmas Day and we want our own way to celebrate separately and learned that the Melting Pot would be open (and we love fondue!).  Over the years, we expanded the tradition to include other holidays but since our move to Las Vegas, we haven’t been to a Melting Pot in over a year.  Looking at our schedules and knowing we’d both be home the weekend of Easter, we decided to check out Las Vegas’s only Melting Pot location out near/in Summerlin/Spring Valley.

Knowing that Melting Pot dinners can be quite heavy, we reserved a table at 5pm and arrived right on time.  We were seated in a quiet little corner to enjoy each other’s company.



In advance of our date, I checked out the menu online to see what the current Big Night Out Menu was.  (For those of you who haven’t been to the Melting Pot, every six months they change their special menu.  In addition to the traditional cheese, chocolate and meat fondues, as well as salads, they design a complete special menu which you can order whole or in bits and pieces.)  The current Big Night Out is Latin America.  As soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted it and thankfully, the Husband was in Smile Up first, the cheese course: Queso Fundido.  It was a combination of Fontina, Gruyere, and Gran Queso cheeses, crumbled Chorizo, lime juice and zest, and fresh jalapenos (which we got to regulate going in).


Like with all cheese fondues, we received breads, veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots), and green apples (all of which are unlimited).  This was a wonderful kick-off to the Big Night Out.  Creamy and cheesy with a nice kick from the chorizo and jalapeno but not too spicy.


Along with the Big Night Out, there was an option for a four-course wine pairing.  It was a great price of $17 for 4 3oz pours.  The Husband and I each decided to do this and were impressed with each pairing.  First up, with the Queso Fundido, was the Portillo Malbec from Argentia.  The menu describes it as ruby-red color and bouquet of fruit, including plums and blackberries.  This was a wonderful wine, by itself as well as paired with the cheese.  (I plan on including more Malbecs into my wine tastings.)


The second course was our salad course.  The Husband decided to not go with the Big Night Out option and ordered the Melting Pot House Salad which is always a good choice.


I ordered the Big Night Out salad which was a Shrimp Ceviche Salad.  It was a blend of citrus-marinated shrimp over an avocado puree and crushed tortilla chips next to mixed greens topped with a tropical fruit pico de gallo and a lime vinaigrette.  This was amazing! Even though it had cilantro in it (and long time readers know that I hate Cilantro), the flavors all melded so well together.  It was light, refreshing, and different than what I normally have.  I would definitely order this again.


The wine pairing with this course was the New Age White Blend from Argentina.  It’s described as a slightly effervescent wine carrying citrus and fruity notes with its bubbles.  The slight bubbles, sweetness, and tartness balanced each other quite well and was a perfect match for this salad.


The meat course is always the most filling and a trick we learned during one of our fondue outings was to order the meat course just for one (if the cheese and chocolate are your favorites, like us).  We didn’t do that this outing though (but we planned in advance and for the next day to balance out all of the food).  As with the rest of our meal, we went with the Big Night Out course, Fondue Feast (which is the smallest of them… the other two bigger ones simply add lobster, which we never really desire).  This course always comes with lots of sauces and you get to choose a cooking style (i.e. the broth you cook your meat and veggies in).


Our platter included Filet Mignon, Chimichurri Sirloin, Garlic Piri Piri Shrimp (the Husband’s favorite), Mole-Marinated Chicken Breast (my favorite), Citrus-Marinated Pork Tenderloin, and Fire Roasted Corn Salsa Ravioli (another favorite).  Additionally, we had potatoes, mushroom caps, and broccoli. 


I thought I’d share the mess of sauces left on my plate when we were done with this course Smile (Rumor has it that the Melting Pot is considering getting rid of their metal plates and switching to regular white ones… if they do, I’ll be disappointed – I’ve always liked the uniqueness of these dishes.)


(Apparently I forgot to snap a photo of our third glass of wine.  It was the Santa Rita 120 Carmenere from Chile.  It’s described as having a commanding fruity flavor with light and elegant body.  We agreed with the description and thought it was a somewhat powerful first taste on each sip with a lighter after taste.  We didn’t necessarily think it paired with the course better than other wines but liked it still the same.)

Last but not least, came the dessert course.  Often times, I’ll consider going with one of the desserts not on the Big Night Out but the one on the menu this time looked perfect!  The Dark and Dulce Chocolate Fondue combined bittersweet dark chocolate with sweet, thick dulce de leche and coarse sea salt.  Our server left us extra which we sprinkled in towards the end.  I love salt mixed with chocolate!  Along with the chocolate, we had rice crispy treats, strawberries, marshmallows, bananas, pound cake, brownies, and cheesecake for dipping.




With this final course, we were served a glass of the Los Vascos Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon from Chile.  The menu’s description listed it as having silky tannins with aromas of vanilla, tobacco, cinnamon, and spices.  A good final glass for our big night out.


After we finished our platter of dippers, there was still some chocolate left so our server brought us some more.  (The cheesecake costs extra when you want more but the others are all complimentary.)  We went with just strawberries and rice crispy treats.  The perfect amount of dippers to finish out our chocolate.


As always, our experience was wonderful.  The food and drink were delicious and the atmosphere was laid back and relaxing, allowing us to enjoy our evening in our private corner booth.  We always enjoy chatting with our server and ours that evening was very personable (as well as all other staff we interacted with).  We always ask how long the server has been there and we’re constantly amazed to learn at how many years they’ve been there.  The Melting Pot definitely has it going on – both for its employees and its customers.  If we’re here ourselves for Christmas Eve, we know where we’ll be Winking smile Perhaps we’ll find another holiday to celebrate with fondue sooner than that!

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