Girls’ Lunch at Payard

For months I’ve been hearing from my friend Michelle about how great Payard at Caesars Palace is so I was looking forward to my opportunity to try it for myself during a girls’ lunch this past week.  Three of planned on meeting for a noonish lunch providing for a great midday break from our respective jobs and school.  Michelle and I carpooled out to Caesars and met up with our girlfriend who works on the Strip.

Payard is tucked away behind the casino a short distance from the parking garage and Forum Shops across the way from Rao’s (a nice Italian restaurant I’ve been wanting to check out).  It’s a quaint little restaurant that’s not too big and not too small.  When we arrived, I was quite hungry and was happy to enjoy some fresh bread and butter as I perused the menu.


In addition to their normal menu, they were also offering a Prix fixe lunch menu for $21.  It included an appetizer, an entree, and a dessert.  I opted for one of the regular menu items but my girlfriends each went with the Prix fixe menu (and I was able to enjoy a bite here and there).  $21 is a great value for the items offered on this menu.


To start, they tried both options on the appetizer menu.  One of them ordered the Shrimp Romesco which was sautéed shrimp with garlic chili flakes in olive oil and Romesco sauce.


My other friend ordered the Tomato Mozzarella Salad.  They both felt that their appetizers were great starts to the rest of the meal.


For their entrees, they each went with the Chilean Sea Bass which was pan seared and served with ratatouille and over roasted tomato herb vinaigrette.  This pleased both palates.


I ordered a traditional french lunch – Croque Madame.  This is a grilled ham and cheese sandwich topped with a sunny-side up egg.  It came with a side salad and roasted tomato  This dish alone was more than enough for me – quite filling and flavorful.


The fixed price menus both also came with dessert.  I definitely enjoyed bites of each of these :-) First there was a Banana Tart which was a banana and vanilla rum pastry cream on a sweet tart dough (with a chocolate on top).


The other dish was the Vienne which was flaky sable with dark chocolate mousse, orange marmalade, and a soft caramel center. Heavenly!


Payard lived up to the hype that Michelle had given it all these months.  I will definitely be bringing the Husband back here and I imagine that Michelle and I will be back frequently for brunches and desserts.  I can’t wait!

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