Indian Dinner at Jaiho

Ever since the Husband and I left our homes in Maryland and Virginia a few years ago, we’ve been on the lookout for a good Indian restaurant.  In Charlotte, we weren’t impressed with any of the restaurants we tried and we had some higher hopes for finding good Indian in Las Vegas.  We recently had an opportunity to finally try a local Indian restaurant and think we’ve found our go-to place (and I think they deliver too!). 

Jaiho is an Indian and Chino-Indian Fusion restaurant located in one of the millions of shopping centers on Eastern Avenue, tucked away in a shopping center I’ve routinely been to but had never noticed this gem.  The menu is quite large (you can find all of the options on their website) so it took a bit of time fo reach of us to decide.  After we ordered we were brought Indian Puppodums with some chutney. 


Unfortunately I forgot my point and shoot but my iPhone tried to capture the beautiful colors of the restaurant’s lights.  The decorations and music really added to the overall atmosphere of the restaurant.


Back to food, I got quite excited when I saw that they had meat filled Samosas on the menu.  Having only had vegetarian ones thus far, I generally haven’t been a fan of samosas but for some reason I had to order these.  I am so glad I did! They were scrumptious :-) They were perfectly fried and the combination of meat, potatoes, and peas were so good together.  Definitely on my future appetizer list when we dine in and order take out.


On to our entrees… The Husband decided to try something he hasn’t had before: Gosht Rogan Josh. It was Shahi lamb morsels cooked very slowly in a moderate dry curry sauce.  He ordered his medium and enjoyed it.


I ordered the Good ol Murgh Tikka Masala. (Tandoori chicken morsels done in tomatoes and cream sauce and tempered with fenugreek leaves) Yum :-) On our last night in Australia (which was actually when we were supposed to be on a flight back but our flight was cancelled), the Husband’s brother suggested Indian take-out, a dinner at which I fell in love with Tikka Masala and Butter Chicken.  I ordered this dish Medium and it was perfect for me.  (Their spice meter is on par with my feelings toward spice… mild for those who don’t like spice, medium if you’ve liked spice for only a few years, and hot if you really like the spice assumably.)


I also ordered a basket of Naan, because really, what’s Indian food without its naan?


One thing we didn’t realize is that you have to order rice separately – it doesn’t necessarily come with your dishes.  After we received our food we contemplated ordering some rice but decided to eat it all with just the naan.  It worked out well but I will likely order some rice in the future so as to not let all of the delicious sauce go to waste.

Overall, we were very impressed with the service (as well as the food).  The staff was very friendly, attentive, and knowledgeable.  Jaiho will be my go-to place the next time I want some Indian food.

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