Roadrunner Saloon

Unbeknownst to me, the Husband had been wanting to try Roadrunner Saloon for some time and our opportunity came when he had some colleagues in town a few weeks ago.  We’d heard good reviews from some others so we had some expectation of a good time.  Checking out some online reviews, it looked like we would have some good food but some slow service.

That evening the Husband and I stuck to water so our photos (awful photos due to my iPhone use and poor lighting… I’m sorry) are limited to food.  The Husband ordered the Texas Dip which was sliced top sirloin, creamy horseradish sauce, jack cheese and au jus witha side of fries.  He really enjoyed this!


I ordered the Oven Baked Mac N Cheese for us to share as a side.  We had mixed opinions on it at first and ended up enjoying it.  It was creamy and cheesy.  We thought that we’d give it a B+.


For my entree (and the worst picture ever), I ordered the Spinach, Mushroom, and Chicken Calzone.  Oh wow, this was good! For all of you who have had the wonderful opportunity to ever have had D.P. Dough, this calzone brought me back to my delicious, favorite calzones of my college days.  I only finished about half of this and took the rest home.  It was fabulous as cold leftover the next day.


As warned online, it took a long time for us to get our food.  However, it was a large group so I will give them some slack on that.  The food was fabulous, especially for a sports bar.  The restaurant/bar is huge and has a large outdoor patio as well as wonderfully cushiony chairs and tons of tvs in the bar.  This appears to be a great place to go to catch up on any of your favorite sports games with friends.  While we generally watch football at home, perhaps the Husband and I will venture out with friends one day and give the cushiony chairs a shot.

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