Opening at Yard House Red Rocks …and a concert

Saturday night, the Husband and I ventured out to the other side of Las Vegas to the Red Rock Resort.  I’m not even sure where we saw it, but we learned that Cowboy Mouth would be performing that night and the Husband, being a big Cowboy Mouth fan, wanted to go.  We knew that the Yard House had also recently opened there and after our experience at the Town Center location, we were looking forward to trying out this spot.  We normally wouldn’t travel this far for a chain (30+ minute drive) but with the concert, we headed out.  We gave ourselves about 4 hours before the show so that after dinner we could explore the resort and casino and possibly play some games.  Good thing we did!



When we arrived, around 6pm, we were told the wait for the first available table would be 45 minutes to an hour.  We normally wouldn’t wait that long, but decided we had nowhere else to go that night and we grabbed a pager. 


We headed inside to go get tickets to the concert and then made our way outside to wait out the hour or so.  After about a half hour, it got crazy cloudy, making us a bit concerned.


A little over an hour into our wait, I checked back in with the hostess stand and was told we were next up.  While waiting, I overheard that the wait was now up to 1.5 hours to 1.75 hours!  We were called a few minutes later and were seated in their large patio area.  (This picture was more of an attempt of the view.)  It was a nice view, but it was cold that night.  Yep, cold in Las Vegas in June. 


Luckily, they had heaters (which actually hadn’t worked the day before! The gas had been turned off when repairing a bit of a gas explosion the week before they opened which we learned was just a few days ago!).  If we had known that they had just opened, we wouldn’t have come this weekend.  Opening restaurants normally have so many kinks to work out, but as I’ll get into later, we were impressed with how they handled it all.

The Yard House being a beer place and all, we each ordered a beer.  Last time I had the Fuller’s London Porter so this time I tried the  Deschutes Black Butte Porter.  I really liked it! It had a strong chocolate nose.  I’m quite hooked on porters right now.  The Husband ordered the Stone Ruination IPA, but we’re pretty sure he ended up with the Stone IPA.  Being the only mistake of the night and a beer the Husband enjoyed, we didn’t make a big deal about it.


I wanted a salad to start and found one with avocado in it :-) I ordered the Summer Salad.  It was romaine, strawberries, oranges, candied walnuts, leeks, and avocados with a white balsamic vinaigrette.  This picture doesn’t show it properly but the salad was huge! It was listed as a “starter salad,” but it’s certainly an entree size.  I asked for a box and packed away half for my lunch the next day.


The Husband decided to add a cup of Tomato Bisque to his meal.  It came with a large bit of basil on top.  In general he liked it, but he wished it had more tomato in it and less cream.


I’ve known ever since our other visit what I would order as my entree.  Knowing that the Husband would want some, we decided he’d pick an entree I’d like to share. I ordered the (mac n cheese)^2, one of the more popular dishes.  It was campanelle pasta, grilled chicken (that had been pulled apart, not sliced), bacon, mushrooms, parmesan and cheddar as well as white truffle oil.  Wow! I heart truffle oil. Yum!


The Husband ordered a pepperoni and mushroom pizza, our general go-to topping choices.  The pizza is a thinner crust and we enjoyed this.


The Husband also tried the Yard House Pale Ale but no picture.  I guess I was distracted by the mac & cheese!

Overall, we were impressed with the service, particularly knowing it was their opening weekend.  We actually didn’t see much of our waitress, but all of the other servers who served us made us never really feel like we needed anything.  We think we had a manager chat with us who was quite friendly.  All in all, aside from the wait, we were impressed with our dinner. 

After dinner, we headed inside to the Cowboy Mouth concert :-) It was in one of the lounge areas.  It was a fun and energetic concert and we’re glad we made the trip out there.  Rob Thomas is playing later this summer and we might head back out for that show as well… we’ll see!


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