Louisiana Cooking at Lola’s

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Hi Readers! Hope you had a good weekend! It’s hot here in Vegas, but we seem to be adjusting well to it :-)  On Friday night, we headed north of the strip with some friends to check out Lola’s: A Louisiana Kitchen for some good ole’ southern food (which we are missing more than we expected!).  They had a nice patio out front, but we headed inside to claim our reservation.


This inside was quaint and well decorated with Louisiana flare.


I don’t think you can see it well with the lighting in the picture, but this mirror is covered in New Orleans Saints colors.


I had read some good reviews on Urbanspoon and generally knew what I wanted to eat before I arrived, but we each perused the menu for drinks and potential appetizers.


Here’s a handful of photos of the inside of the menu.  So many good looking options! I’ll definitely be back to try one of their Po’Boys.






We asked the waitress for a recommendation on the appetizers and between the ones we were contemplating, she suggested the Crawpuppies, a twist on hushpuppies made with crawfish.  There were originally five on the dish but I was slow to get the camera out.  They were delish! Slightly spicy and creamy – not at all dry the way some hushpuppies unfortunately end up being.


Up next were drinks.  The Husband tried the Abita Ale TurboDog while I ordered a glass of Chardonnay.  We were both impressed with the beer (and I haven’t found a Chardonnay that I haven’t enjoyed, as far as I can recall).

IMG_3248   IMG_3249

On to our entrees… The Husband ordered the gumbo.  It had chicken, sausage, okra, shrimp and crab in it with a scoop of rice in the center.  While he liked the flavor, it wasn’t thick enough and wasn’t filling. 


Our friend Andy ordered the crawfish which you can order in different quantities.  He started with a pound with the option to add more, but desiring dessert, a pound met his needs :-) It also came with potatoes and corn.


His wife, Michelle, ordered the Blackened Salmon served over fettuccini alfredo.  This was good!  The salmon was cooked to the right level and was moist.  The white sauce was better than most alfredo sauces.  We each had a taste and thought she made an excellent choice!


I ordered the the Bronzed Catfish and Grits.  It was seasoned and pan blackened, served on top of gouda grits with an andouille sausage and mushroom ragout.  The best part of this was definitely the grits.  So creamy and cheesy – we were all fans.


We asked for a basket of bread with our meal and I’m glad we did.  The spiciness of the food definitely warranted some buttered bread to cool my mouth.


Later into the meal, some of us ordered a second drink and the Husband decided to get the Abita Amber.


The boys decided they wanted dessert.  I didn’t look at the menu so I don’t know what else was on there but they both seemed happy with what they ordered.  The Husband ordered the chocolate cake and the waitress recommended he get it with some ice cream.  He’s not one to usually turn down ice cream.  He described it more like a brownie, but not yet a brownie… he really liked it.


Andy ordered a piece of the pecan pie.  (I forgot to ask him if he liked it!)


Overall, we enjoyed our meal at Lola’s and plan on being back to try the Po’Boys (at least Michelle and I plan on it :-) ).  Our waitress was friendly, helpful, and kept a good eye on us.  If you’re in the Vegas area and have a craving for some southern food, I definitely recommend heading slightly north of the strip and checking our Lola’s.

Lola's: A Louisiana Kitchen on Urbanspoon

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