Todd English P.U.B.

Last week, I had a colleague in town who was staying on the strip near City Center.  The Husband and I wanted to meet up with him for dinner and since he was interested in catching that night’s NBA Finals game we decided to check out a Sports Book (my first time!) to place some mini bets and head over to a sports bar for dinner so we could catch some of the game while dined and chatted (with plans to head back to the Sports Book after dinner to catch the end of the game).  The last time the Husband and I walked through City Center, I declared that I wanted to go to Todd English’s P.U.B. some time.  It wasn’t that I knew who Todd English was because I didn’t (shame on me, I know… I’m working on getting a better idea of who famous chefs are) or that I had any idea about the food, but something about the sign called me in (good job to whoever designed it!).  After checking out some reviews, it looked like it would be a good fit for us that night.

We arrived right around 6:30 and there wasn’t a wait at all.  We were lucky, because as we left around 8:00 or so, there looked to be quite a wait


There was a nice patio outside (and the weather was pretty nice that night) but we wanted to be able to see the game so we chose to sit inside.


Inside was bright but LOUD.  Another review suggested that the construction of the walls (tile I think) affects the accoustics and that sounds about right.  We couldn’t hear our waitress at first and the place wasn’t even full yet!

IMG_3184 IMG_3185

IMG_3187 IMG_3188

We, of course, started with some drinks.  They had both a huge beer list and wine list.

IMG_3174  IMG_3175

Continuing my Porter & Stout cravings, I decided to go with a twist of one and order their Chocolate Covered Strawberry.  It was a mix of Young’s Double Chocolate Stout and Fruli Strawberry Belgium Beer.  I enjoyed the smell, and while it did taste like a chocolate covered strawberry, I apparently don’t like that in a beer.  Towards the end it was more chocolaty which I enjoyed.  The Husband had a Speakeasy Big Daddy IPA.  He enjoyed this selection.


After our drinks arrived, we placed our orders and began chatting.  We were brought a bowl of popcorn to snack on while we waited.


It was then that we noticed our placemats, covered in quotes.


Our two favorites:



(No offense to vegetarians :-) I actually have a mostly vegetarian diet and only eat meat from time to time.)

On to our appetizer!  The Husband decided to order the Dirty Chips to share.  They were kettle chips with bacon bits, scallions, blue cheese dressing, and fried chicken livers.  You read that correctly – fried chicken livers.  Yum!  As I think I’ve mentioned a bunch, I can’t stand blue cheese so the Husband mostly only gets to enjoy it while we’re out (though we do have some at home that I brought him one night).  I’m always trying to grow my palate though and slowly blue cheese is starting to find its place.  I like a handful of the chips that I tried.


This was quite a large appetizer for the three of us and would work well with a larger crowd.  About halfway through the dish, our entrees were ready.  While the boys went with the Carvery (which I’ll explain in a moment), my eye was caught by the Grilled Cheese.  It was a grilled brie with tomatoes and bacon grilled like a panini along with a side of skinny fries.  The brie was strong and if you like brie, you’ll really like this.


a close-up…


On the sides menu, I saw mac n cheese :-) It was a smaller dish, which is good for a side.  Cavatappi again.  Thumbs up!


The Husband decided to go with an option from The Carvery, their signature section of the menu.  Under the Carvery, you get to order a half pound or a pound of meat.  With each meat, you get one selection of bread and two selections of sauce.  You then get to create your sandwich at the table.  The Husband went with the Roasted Duck with Challah and Horseradish Sour Cream & Blue Cheese Fondue as his sauces.  He really enjoyed this choice, although if ordered again, he’d probably have a different bread.

IMG_3194   IMG_3195

After all this food (though I did pack up some to take home), I should have been done.  However, when the dessert menus were brought out, I insisted on dessert (rare for me!).  When I asked if the strawberry ice cream had chunks of strawberries in it, the waitress told me it did.  She lied :-( It did, however, sit on top of Capt’n Crunch Cereal which was a fun surprise.  I was surprised to see two scoops, which was a good value for the price, but if I’d known there were two scoops I would have asked for one scoop of chocolate.  Oh well, perhaps next time!


Aside from the noise level of the restaurant, we enjoyed our meal and beers.  Our waitress was attentive and the guys with the water pitchers never made us wait for water.  While it was an expensive meal, we enjoyed our chance to check a restaurant off of my “to eat” list!

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