Seafood Buffet at Captain George’s

Surprisingly, even though we spend a week every fall in the Outer Banks, I don’t think I’ve ever been to a seafood buffet.  Some of our vacation mates decided that they wanted to get to one this week and we decided to go on Monday night.  Our group was first scheduled to be quite large (30ish) and the staff was very accommodating (it helps that it’s the off season) but when we were down to only 9, they were still very cool with us.



I realized when we parked, Captain George’s is right across the street from one of our favorite OBX restaurants – the Outer Banks Brewing Station (hopefully we’ll get there some time this week)


When we popped inside, we were immediately seated (yay off season!).


We were impressed with how nice the restaurant seemed.  Compared to some other seafood buffets, from what I’ve been told, this one is much nicer.  The others have much more of a cafeteria feel.  The buffet is in the center of the restaurant and well set out.


The first row included the cold salads, raw oysters, and she-crab soup…


…as well as the peel and eat shrimp.


The next section included the side dishes such as the green beans, zucchini, broccoli, corn on the cob, macaroni and cheese, and meats (chicken and steak).  This ended up being my favorite section!


The next section was the seafood buffet.  It included steamed items as well as fried and casseroles. 



Last but not least was the dessert section.  It was quite large with a variety of sweet options.





While the restaurant offered a wide variety of beverages, the group stuck to waters, soda, and lemonade.  Our waitresses Jennifer and Jennifer were top notch.  They were very friendly and very on top of clearing our plates and getting us more to drink.  I particularly enjoyed the veggies (although there was a bit too much butter on them) and the mac n cheese (not great, but pretty good).  The seafood, on the other hand, all tended to be a bit overcooked for my taste as well as many of my dining mates.  With many places where you can buy fresh seafood, have it steamed on site, and bring it back to your beach house, I don’t believe we’d pay $30ish per person, plus tax, plus tip again at a seafood buffet. 

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