Stack Em High

Every visit we’ve had to the Outer Banks together, every time we drive by Stack Em High, or where the Husband believes it is, he thinks it has closed – until we pass the actual location and he’s relieved (I’m not sure why he can’t ever remember where it’s located).  After he commented again after our drive into town on Saturday, and having never been there myself, I told him we should go there on Sunday morning for breakfast/brunch.  He happily obliged and we were able to convince our friend Jeff to tag along as well.



As you walk in, the following sign greets you to explain the restaurant’s style.

IMG_4014  IMG_4017

While it appears to be cafeteria style, you can pick up a handful of things at the bar and they bring you all of your hot food to the table.

I was first fixated on the chalkboard options at the entrance… that was until I saw the options farther down on the menu.






The Husband and I made our selections and paid and then found our friend Jeff who had already received his food.  The place was pretty deserted by the time we sat down as it was close to closing time plus it’s the off season.  From what the Husband says, though, this place is usually pretty busy and once I received my food, and experienced some of the customer service, I could see why!


While we waited for our hot choices, I snacked on some strawberries.  (I enjoyed them more later with some of the chocolate on one of my dishes.)


The Husband pointed out the hand-painted quotes all over the ceiling.



And I enjoyed the other bright colors and art throughout the restaurant.



For breakfast, I ordered the French Toast with Chocolate Monkey topping (chocolate chips and bananas).  The dish was huge and I look forward to some leftovers for breakfast tomorrow!


For the table I ordered Smothered Hashbrowns.  They were good, but even better when the Husband put one of his over-easy fried eggs on top.  Egg yolk goes very well with fried, cheesy, bacon potatoes.


As I mentioned, the Husband ordered some eggs over easy as well as the Monster Biscuit Sandwich with Sausage.  He chose grits as his side since we already had smothered hashbrowns coming.


Our friend Jeff ordered the Sausage Gravy & Biscuits which the Husband had a taste of.

Overall, the food was flavorful and filling.  The service was top-notch (they came around and routinely refilled the coffees and fountain drinks) and they were all just incredibly friendly.  I was impressed with the experience and I see why the Husband gets excited to see it every time we visit.

(Looks like we went to the Kill Devil Hills location and that they also have one in Kitty Hawk!)
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