Cowfish–A Much Anticipated Charlotte Dining Experience

Earlier this summer, I had a quick business trip to Charlotte.  I was generally in and out of the city quickly but had time for one night out for dinner and based on seeing Cowfish reviews on all of my favorite Charlotte area bloggers over the past year, I knew it was at the top of my “to try” list.  They opened last summer I believe, shortly after the Husband and I moved across the country and the idea of sushi and burgers in the same restaurant intrigued me.  Two colleagues agreed to meet up with me for dinner and I found the restaurant where The Counter used to be (a burger joint that the Husband weren’t particularly impressed by when we lived in the area).  It was a Wednesday or Thursday night and when I arrived it was raining.  I put my name on the list and the wait was nearly an hour! Based on all of the rave reviews of the other bloggers, I decided to wait (even though I was very hungry – thankfully they had fortune cookies at the hostess stand).

My colleagues and I hung out in the bar area as we waited.  Unfortunately it was so loud in the restaurant that we couldn’t really chat and hear each other… Instead, I admired the fish tank in the bar and the bright colors.



After an hour or so, we were finally seated in the covered patio area.  We perused the menu and waited patiently for our server to take our order.


As we waited we were brought water, plus some extra (I always appreciate the extra jug, but sometimes I wonder if that takes away from the server paying attention to the table)


Only in a sushi/burger place will you find sriracha (love!), soy sauce, ketchup, and mustard in the same container.


A bonus of the covered patio is that it was much quieter so we could actually catch up with each other.   A downside (or at least I’ll blame it on the patio) is that our server was rarely anywhere to be found.  We waited a long time to order, a long time to receive our food, and an even longer time to pay (first to track her down for the bill and then to get change).


Knowing I wouldn’t be back for a long time, I wanted to see what both the burger and sushi options had to offer so I ordered one of each.  (Way too much food, of course, so I took most of it home).  First out was my Mimi & Pop’s Pimento Cheeseburger which was a beef burger, topped with homemade pimento cheese, crispy blue corn tortilla chips, and fried pepperoncinis, all served on an English muffin.  There were so many elements I was looking forward to, but the burger turned out to just be “fine”  I loved, though, that the side options included seaweed salad!


For my sushi option, I went with something rather simple – I don’t recall which roll it was but it looks like it’s avocado, salmon, and crab.  I was impressed with the wide selection of unique sushi options.


Overall, though, the experience was disappointing.  I don’t know if it was because it was built up so much in my head that it was such a let down, but I can’t fathom why so many people would wait over an hour to eat here on a rainy weeknight.  The food was fine – not bad, but not rave worthy – and the service was lacking.  If I lived in Charlotte and this were my first experience, I doubt I would be back.  Since I don’t live in Charlotte anymore, I can guarantee I won’t be back on any of my future visits.  So disappointing Sad smile

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