Small Plates at Johnny Smalls

A number of months ago, the Husband learned about a fun tapas place at the Hard Rock Hotel called Johnny Smalls.  He went twice with friends without me so when we had friends in town staying on the Strip, I quickly recommended we check out Johnny Smalls for the rest of us to experience.  The restaurant has a deal that you can get “all you can eat” tapas for $20 or $25 (depending on if you have a Players Card – which is free and easy to get) – the only catch is that at least a certain amount (two thirds I believe) needs to be consumed or you’ll be charged more.  This helps in pacing yourself and ensuring you don’t order more than your stomach can handle.  Our group had 7 so with us each tasting a plate, we weren’t concerned about this requirement.



(Sorry for some super blurry photos! The lighting was quite dark…)

One of the first plates to come out were the Mighty Balls which were ground kobe, veal & pork, topped with a  Tuscan sauce.


The first thing I ordered was the Mac & Cheese Daddy which were fried mac & cheese patties with tomato, arugula, and garlic aioli on a soft roll.


I don’t remember what this is, but it looks good Smile


I believe these were the Tempura Green Beans with a Thai chili sauce.


Johnny Smalls got two thumbs up for their mac & cheese selection.  In addition to the above, we also had two orders of the Mac and Cheese flatbread which was exactly as it sounds.


This dish was the Goat Cheese Pops which were goat cheese with an almond crust and chipotle saffron onion marmalade.  Yum!


To balance out all the fried goodness, there was the Classic Caprese with roma tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and basil pistou.


A HUGE platter of Hummus Among Us (aka hummus and pita chips).


And last but not least, the actual Tempura Green Beans  (so I have no idea what the earlier picture was!)


Overall, the food and service were good and the pricing was a great deal!  Our server was attentive so my only real complaint is how dark it is… but I’m sure that’s the “trendy vibe” they’re going for, since it’s the Hard Rock Hotel. If you find yourself in the mood for tapas for relatively cheap and you have a decent group, check it out!

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