Catching Red at Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse

Happy 2011 blog readers! Although it’s a new year, we’ve got eats and things to do to catch up on from the holiday season so without further ado, I take you back to the Wednesday before Christmas :-) The Husband and I were wanting to catch up on movies while on our mini vacation and with his brother and sister-in-law living in Arlington, I suggested we hit up the Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse, a theatre that shows cheap movies (those that have been out for a while) and serves dinner and bar food at the same time.  After examining the schedule, we saw that Red was playing (a movie we’d been interested in seeing) and it was $3 Wednesdays (tickets for $3 each).



We got to the theatre about 20 minutes before the start of the movie and it was already pretty full.  We found a table with a good view and started taking a look at the menu.





Lots of options to eat, but beer first! (If you’ll be in the theatre after 9pm, it’s 21+ and they card when you get your tickets).  The night we were there, they had the below beers available.  The Husband decided to order a pitcher of the Anchor Steam.



We started with an order of fried mac n cheese.  The Husband liked them but I didn’t.  I think I’ve determined that I prefer fried mac n cheese that is very cheesy (more like homemade mac n cheese) while the Husband tends to like it when the mac n cheese is more like a Kraft mac n cheese in the breading.  This fell under the latter description.


The Husband was in charge of ordering and got us a calzone and a pizza to split and share with his brother and sister-in-law.  The calzone was crazy large (we definitely didn’t need the pizza along with it).


The pizza was large as well.  It was the Ramon’s Pizza which was three cheese, ham, green pepper, onion, chicken, and pepperoni.  A bit too much meat for my taste (I prefer simpler pizzas), but the Husband and his brother enjoyed it. 


As with our previous visits, we enjoyed ourselves, the movie, the food, and the service.  I love the combination of dining and movie watching and wish there were more theatres out there like this.

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