Boxing Day Brunch at City Tavern Grille

The day after Christmas, the Husband made plans to have brunch with his childhood friend Wes.  They decided that we would meet up at City Tavern Grille in Old Town Manassas, a restaurant they spent many meals at throughout the years.  We weren’t sure if they would (1) be open the morning after Christmas or (2) be open for breakfast, so when we arrived and learned that they were open, we grabbed a table for three.  Our waitress brought the Husband and I drinks as we waited for Wes, but no menus so we assumed she was waiting for him to arrive.  We enjoyed our coffee and tea, chatted away, and enjoyed the decorations (or at least I did). :-)




Wes surprised us by bringing along three other friends who were in town, making the Husband’s childhood gang of four complete.  At that point, we still didn’t have menus and seeing us sitting there not moving, our waitress advised us that we could go get brunch whenever we were ready.  We gave her some blank looks and she explained that breakfast was a buffet in the other room :-)

Oooooooooohhhhhhhh!!! That’s why there were no menus.  We headed into the other room and there was a relatively large buffet available to us.  It had most of the usual brunch items: scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits and gravy and another chafing dish or two.


Additionally, there was an omelet station and a Belgian waffle station.


I was quite excited for a large serving dish of fruit and loaded up my fruit bowl along with a sampling of the variety of brunch items.


Brunch was tasty, especially for the price of $10 or so, and we really appreciated the opportunity to sit and catch up.  As the website states, they really are a neighborhood grille.  I noticed a lot of families coming in that appeared to be well known by the staff and everyone seemed really friendly.

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