Birthday Dessert a la Max Brenner

After the Terry Fator show, the Husband and I planned to meet up with all of my family that was in town for Thanksgiving.  We decided on dessert, but we were unsure where we could go with 14 people at 10pm on a Friday without a long wait.  I crossed my fingers, pulled out my iPhone, and clicked on my OpenTable app on the off chance I could find something.  Luck would have it – Max Brenner had availability!


Max Brenner is a restaurant focused on chocolate :-) Fun, right? For a number of months, when the Husband and I would go for walks through Caesar’s Palace Forum Shops (that sounds odd… who walks through malls on the Las Vegas strip?), we’d see the boarded up exterior of the restaurant and we awaited the opening since we both really enjoy chocolate.  Then, the new location opened but we didn’t find ourselves on the Strip.  I bought a Groupon to use one day when we’d have an opportunity to stop by, but still hadn’t made it over there.  (We decided to save the Groupon for another visit when it’s a smaller group.)

When we arrived, almost the entire party had arrived and we had the entire upstairs area to ourselves which was quite nice.  It may have been just that it was a holiday weekend, but it was much emptier than I expected at that time.  We likely didn’t even need a reservation, but I’m sure glad we had one!

When we were seated, we had both a regular menu and the sweets & drinks menu.  Wanting dessert and chocolate, I went straight for the drinks and sweets.  (We’ll be back and will try the regular food as well – I promise! We have a Groupon to use)


There were so many good looking options it was hard to decide.

The Husband ordered The Melting Chocolate Truffle Heart Cake & Shake.  He had 3 options for cake and went with the raspberry red heart cake.  The other items included vanilla bourbon ice cream, red berries, and an iced milk chocolate shot.  The strainer behind the cake included melted chocolate to pour on the items.  He enjoyed this and got an opportunity to try a few things at once.


I ordered The Fantastic Popsicle Chocolate Fondue, mainly because there was a picture of it in the menu and it made my mouth water.  It came out on this stand and included from left to right: crunchy wafer balls, candied hazelnut crunchy bits (their words, not mine), pure melted chocolate, and a vanilla ice cream popsicle.  I had an option to get two popsicles but was happy with one.


So, the above photo is “before” and here is the “after” but repeated for every bite.  Yum!


I was a bit nervous about how the melted chocolate would taste as one of the blogs I routinely read had quite negative comments on the chocolate.  I actually liked it.  I didn’t love it, but I enjoyed it.  In general, I’ve steered away from milk chocolate (and eat mostly dark) because it’s often too stingy sweet (I think often from HFCS) but this wasn’t too sweet at all.  I particularly enjoyed the crunchy wafer balls (which were what called to me in the photo in the menu).

A good number of people ordered shakes and generally really enjoyed them.  My grandmother, in particular, loved hers – she said it was perhaps the best shake she’s ever had and that’s saying a lot.  Being my grandmother, she’s been around quite a bit and has had great opportunities for enjoying a shake here and there :-)


My aunts split one of the waffles (I think it was the Banana Split Waffle) and really enjoyed theirs as well.  I had eyed these on the menu but definitely wanted to have chocolate.

Overall, the Husband and I enjoyed our first Max Brenner experience.  The chocolate wasn’t knock-your-socks off good, but it was tasty and we’ll certainly be back.  The waitresses were friendly and were on top of everything which helped us all concentrate on just getting in good quality family time.  I look forward to heading back and trying some brunch or other menu item.

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