Miller’s Ale House at Town Square

Way back in September, the Husband and I (when we were both at home in Nevada at the same time) headed over to Town Square to run some errands.  As we shopped, we got hungry and decided to find a place to eat within the giant shopping area.  The Husband and heard about a sports bar called Miller’s Ale House and we decided to give them a try.

Since it’s been a while since we actually visited the restaurant, I don’t remember much details other than the fact that we were unimpressed.  The food was fine – not good but not bad.  Our waitress was friendly and there are a million televisions so probably a good place to catch a game, but on game day I could see it being potentially quite crowded and loud.  Since I don’t remember much, here are the photos I took :-)

The Husband with a beer…


Potsticker appetizer because we were super hungry…


Zinger salad for the Husband


Seafood Mac N Cheese for me… very unimpressed


With all of the other options at Town Square, we won’t be back.  If we’re looking for beer and good food, we’ll head back over to the Yard House.

Miller's Ale House on Urbanspoon

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