Lost Dog Cafe

The Husband and I traveled back to the DC area a handful of times this fall for a handful of weddings as well as some other fun personal reasons.  On one of these trips, we found ourselves in South Arlington during lunch time and decided to head to the Lost Dog Cafe on Columbia Pike.  The Husband had been many times but this was my first visit.

Per their website and the Husband’s knowledge of their background, the Lost Dog Cafe has a strong interest in rescuing dogs and finding them safe and loving new homes.  In 2001, they formed a foundation for stray dogs and cats and provide them safe shelter until they find them new homes.  There are two Lost Dog Cafe locations and one Stray Cat Cafe.  They are decorated with fun artwork of dogs (and I assume cats at the Stray Cat Cafe location).  I captured a small part of that art with my coaster :-)


In terms of food and drink at these cafes, they have a great beer selection :-)


They have a great selection of meals but the Husband and I were both feeling salads for lunch that day.  One of us had the Fiesta Dog Salad which included fresh romaine, chicken, cheddar, red onions, cucumbers, mushrooms, red peppers, and pico de gallo with peppery parmesan dressing.  The other one of us (I really need to work on blogging sooner after dining out!) had the Fat Willis Chopped Salad which was Grilled chicken breast, crisp smoked bacon, fresh avocado, crumbled feta cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, and red onions on top of romaine lettuce (also served with a peppery parmesan dressing).  We both enjoyed our lunches :-)   



Overall, we enjoyed our meal just as the Husband had every other time he’d been to the locations.  The wait staff is friendly and laid back, the beer selection is great, and the food is good.  Looking forward to going back!

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