Kalypso’s on Lake Anne

On Thursday night, I decided to venture out from DC to meet up with friends who live in the ‘burbs :-) Out in the Reston area, there’s a little known lake called Lake Anne.  On Lake Anne is a large residential community as well as a handful of businesses and restaurants.  A few weeks ago, a Greek restaurant opened up and we decided to check it out.  Kalyspo’s Sports Tavern is located in quite a nice location – Lake Anne.  There are people who have lived in Reston for years who had/have no idea that this place (Lake Anne) exists.




(Did you notice that the “boat” on the left isn’t really a boat? It’s a floating deck!)


Kalypso’s has a huge outdoor patio and we knew we had to sit outside even though it was quite hot and humid.  This photo doesn’t show how large it was, but I believe there must be 20 tables or so out there.


The menu is quite vast.  Most of the appetizers are Greek/Mediterranean (what I was most looking forward to) and the entrees themselves are Greek, Italian, and American.  Definitely something for everyone.

IMG_3479   IMG_3482

The girls started with white sangria which we all enjoyed :-) Nice and refreshing on this hot day.  The guys had beer – domestics were $3 with the happy hours special.


We were brought bread and oil but were too busy chatting and catching up to have any.


Definitely needed to have an appetizer as I rarely get an opportunity to get Mediterranean so I went with hummus and pita to share with the table.  We were impressed with the pita (warm, soft, and pillowy) as well as the quantity of the pita! It’s always annoying when restaurants don’t give you enough dippers for your dips!


For my entree, I ordered a Gyro which was excellent.  My friends ordered the souvlaki (one had the entree while the other had the sandwich) and both seemed to like it.  One friend also ordered the house salad and LOVED the dressing.


As we dined, we enjoyed a Blue Grass band that performed next to the lake :-)


The service was very good at Kalypso’s.  It was clear that most of the servers are in high school/college and are new at waiting tables, but they tried so hard and thus gave great service.  There was a bit of nervousness you could see in their hands (some of them dropped some things), but we always had enough water, felt that our server wasn’t too far away, and felt just well taken care of.

My friends and I definitely recommend that you check out Kalypso’s as well as Lake Anne :-)

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