Duckworth’s 2.0

Duckworth’s was one of our early, early blog posts.  We liked the location.  We liked the food.  We liked the beer selection.  You can imagine my disappointment when I was back visiting Charlotte this week, and recommended Duckworth’s to get together with some friends, and as we arrived they were closed…. permanently!!!

Very disappointed.

But no!  THIS location was closed permanently (at the corner of Park and Woodlawn).  There was a new location at the corner of Montford and Park?

Montford and Park… Montford and Park… I know I’ve heard of Montford… Where’s Montford again?  Like Good Food on Montford?  Isn’t that, like, JUST South of here?  Like, walking distance?

Indeed, less than 500 feet away was Duckworth’s new location.  You’ll notice that the website (at least as of this posting), does not reflect the new location, but I promise, the new location is Park and Montford (on the corner, with frontage on Park).


So, we made our way over the the new location.  Evidently, they had JUST opened the new location.  The waitress told us that it was their first Tuesday open.  Despite the new location and recent opening, there was a wait.  I don’t know how long the wait was quoted as, but I know we ended up in the bar.

The old location was just a little small.  The new location is far larger.  It’s really-well appointed for its target dining demographic.  The beer selection has expanded from 20 to 60 taps. 


It has a sizable patio area, right on Montford.  It’s a great-looking establishment.  While I liked the cool, dark, quiet environment of the old location, I think the owners will find the new location boosts revenue tremendously, almost immediately.  It’s a really nice location.

We sat down and took a look at the beer menu.  60 beers really is getting on that fringe of being overwhelming, a la Flying Saucer or Yard House, but the menu is well-organized with the beer name, brewery, BJCP beer style, alcohol content (ABV), and the beer rating. 



Clearly the wait staff was a little overwhelmed with the huge turnout.  It took awhile to get everything, service, beers, food, bill, etc.  Our waitress was really friendly, though, and appropriately contrite, so I didn’t take any issue.  Everyone seemed to be doing their best.  I eventually ordered one of my favorite beers, a Terrapin Rye Ale. 

For those of you that don’t know, I hadn’t really thought much of rye beers until the Wife and I, on our drive out to the Outer Banks to get married, stopped at the Siena Hotel in Chapel Hill, NC and I had one there.  Ever since then I have been a huge fan of rye beers, brewing several of my own, and trying new ones whenever I can.  Terrapin Rye, however, still has my heart.


Finally, I ordered a steak salad for dinner.  It was huge.  Really, it was so big that eating it was a challenge.  Without the Wife there to remind me to take pictures, I always manage to take pictures once I actually am 1/3 of the way through the meal.  You can see the salad leaves that have spilled out of the bowl.


The food was great, and I would recommend anyone in town to pop by for a simple pub meal and a tasty beverage.  I have to say my best meal in Charlotte this go around was at Kath’s, though.  Thanks, Kath!


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