Pin Kaow Thai

A few weeks ago, the Husband and I were invited out with some friends to a local Thai restaurant not too far from our house located on Eastern just south of 215 – Pin Kaow Thai.  Our friends have been fans of this restaurant for some time and often get Thai delivery.  Based on their rave recommendations, we were really looking forward to it since we haven’t yet found a Thai restaurant that we love (although we note that we haven’t tried too many places yet).  I didn’t get any pictures, unfortunately, but the inside of the restaurant is quite beautiful.  It’s ordained in carved dark wood and the staff is dressed in beautiful, colorful traditional outfits.  There doesn’t appear to a wait often, especially since the restaurant is quite large, so we were seated immediately upon arrival.

To start, the Husband ordered one of his favorite Thai soups – Tom Yum Gai.  It is a lemongrass based soup with mushrooms and shrimp and other Thai related veggies.  You can order your spiciness level on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being total spice wimp and 10 being something I can’t fathom.  Six is right about the right level for the Husband while 4 is mine.  The Husband wasn’t very impressed with this soup, unfortunately.  He felt it was too expensive and it was generally unremarkable in flavor.  Additionally, there were giant pieces of ginger which were hard to differentiate until it hit your tongue and ruined your palate. 


For his entrée, though, he ordered the green curry pork.  He thought it was great! It included a great amount of pork and veggies, the curry sauce itself was one of the best he’s ever had, and the spiciness level was spot-on for him.  In the brown pot was rice for two to three persons.  (We learned on a separate visit that ordering extra rice costs money so be sure to plan ahead when doling it out).


I ordered the pad thai which I unfortunately found to be unremarkable and rather bland.  The Husband enjoyed it though. 


On my next visit I ordered the Pad See Ew which was better but still not great.  Our friends are big fans of the yellow curry and having tried both of theirs, I have to agree.  Green, yellow, or red curry will be at the top of my list on future visits as the curry really is that good.  Additionally the service is good (there’s always someone filling your water or available for any separate requests) and overall the price is reasonable.  I wouldn’t call Pin Kaow my favorite Thai food but they’re at the top of my list for now here in Las Vegas/Henderson.

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