Gigi’s Cupcakes

I’m a sucker for cupcakes so earlier this year, when another cupcake bakery had a Groupon, I had to snatch it up! This one was for Gigi’s Cupcakes which is near the UNLV campus, which I’m rarely near.  With the expiration date of early August nearly approaching and the fact that my brother and sister-in-law were coming to visit, I finally headed up to grab a half dozen.  I thought it would be much better to share 6 cupcakes between 4 people rather than just the Husband and I!


Before heading over, I checked out their website to see what the flavors of the day were, but I promptly forgot them when I arrived Smile Knowing that we would be having a sampling party, I asked the gentleman working that afternoon which six were his favorite/the most popular.  He wrapped them up in a nice green box and I headed on my way home.


Since we wouldn’t be eating them soon, I put them in the fridge to prevent the buttercream frosting from melting in our warm house/kitchen.  Before enjoying them, I pulled them out about 20 minutes in advance to return them to room temperature.

The flavors from bottom left in a clockwise direction were:

Scarlett’s Red Velvet – red velvet cake with a vanilla filling topped with cream cheese frosting, a white chocolate heart and red sugar crystals

(The second one I can’t identify on the website, but I believe it was like the White Midnight Magic but with white cake and white chocolate chips)

Champagne – white champagne cake with champagne cream cheese frosting with edible pearl and white chocolate

White Midnight Magic – dark chocolate cake with dark chocolate chips topped with white cream cheese frosting and chocolate cihps

Kentucky Bourbon Pie – bourbon cake with pecans and chocolate chips, a cream cheese frosting also with pecans and chocolate chips, with a drizzle of caramel and ganache

Wedding Cake – white cake topped with a vanilla buttercream frosting and sprinkled with white nonpareils


Over the course of a few days, we divided one or two cupcakes into four so we each had a taste to enjoy and compare.


As you can see from the cross section, there is A LOT of frosting… so if you like frosting A LOT, this place is for you Smile After a few bites though, we found it to be too much for us.  There are a ton of fun looking combinations, though, on the website so if I find myself in that area again, I can imagine popping in for Lemon Dream Supreme, Lemon Ice Box, or Orange Dreamsicle.

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