Bellagio Quarterly & Ocean One Lunch

My brother and sister-in-law have previously been to Las Vegas, but with the speed of change, there’s always something new to see or do on the Strip.  We spent Sunday of their visit exploring some of our favorite hotels and some newer ones.  After a bit of walking, we decided we needed some lunch and found ourselves stopping at Ocean One inside Planet Hollywood’s Miracle Miles Shops.


We were enticed by the sign advertising lunch for $5.99!


The options were concise but easily met our needs for lunch nourishment.


The Husband and I each went with the Buffalo Chicken Wrap which included what one would expect (breaded chicken breast, mixed greens, blue cheese (except mine), and ranch dressing – plus buffalo sauce).


My sister-in-law ordered the sirloin burger which tasted to her as if they had thawed a frozen patty and threw it on the grill.  It was bland and boring to her, unfortunately.


I believe my brother ordered something off of the regular menu – a chicken club perhaps. 


Overall the food was fine – not awful but not noteworthy.  It filled our bellies, though, and our waitress was nice.

When we were finished with lunch, we headed to my favorite touristy spot on the Strip – the Bellagio gardens Smile It was time for my quarterly visit and the theme this time seemed to be hot air balloons and birds.  It was beautiful, as always, and festive. 









I can’t wait to see the fall decorations! They’ll be here before we know it (if they aren’t out already) Fingers crossed

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