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Apparently the Husband has been interested in trying Kopper Keg, a local chain (or so I think?) for some time now, but I first remember hearing this only last weekend on our way home from Disneyland (posts about Disney coming this week!).  On Friday night, we headed down to the M Resort for happy hour at 32 Degrees bar (which we learned about last weekend while eat at Hash House A Go Go there) – a bar that has 96 taps. After enjoying a beer, I wasn’t interested in dining at the bar, but I was too hungry to go all the way home and cook dinner.  So, the Husband suggested the Kopper Keg since it was on the way home.

When we walked in, we followed the sign direction and seated ourselves in the restaurant portion.  We were offered drinks while we looked through the menu.  The restaurant had a very “locals” feel to it, slightly diner and slightly pub.  The menu had a good selection of sandwiches, burgers, salads and dinner entrees.  It also had a pretty good breakfast menu, which the Husband tried to order from, not noticing that it’s only served until noon.  Our waitress was a sweetheart and offered to check to see if they could make what he first ordered, but he quickly found something else instead to have.

After ordering, I noticed that they serve Wisconsin Cheese Curds, my preferred form of fried cheese Smile I didn’t want to order it, but the Husband flagged down the waitress, interested in trying them for the first time.  The basket was huge! We definitely didn’t come close to finishing it (they’re less good as they get colder) but they were salty and tasty.


For his dinner, the Husband ordered the San Francisco Burger which was a burger with bacon, Swiss cheese, and sourdough bread.  All of the sandwiches and burgers come with an option of a side of fries, cole slaw, fruit salad, and some other things.  As one of the Urbanspoon reviews says though, the fries are delish!


I ordered the Meatball Marinara sub and enjoyed it.  It was quite large (I ate only about half).  If you’ve had Subway’s meatball sub and liked it, you’ll enjoy this one.


Overall, the food satisfied us and was cheap and large.  Our waitress was a doll and made our dinner enjoyable.  As for whether or not to head here, it’s very much a local-type restaurant.  However, it shares a hotel with a Wingate hotel… if you’re staying at the hotel, definitely stop by here for some cheap, diner type food that’s enjoyable.

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