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A handful of months ago, I learned that we would be getting a new(ish) pasta restaurant right around the corner from our house (and literally around the corner from our favorite local Mexican restaurant Lindo Michoacan).  In the fall after it opened, some friends invited us to lunch and since that day, we’ve been dying to go back.  We made a point to go to Pasta Shop & Ristorante earlier this month and enjoy a later lunch just the two of us.  (As a clarification, since Urbanspoon and Google Maps haven’t updated the address yet, the new location is at 2525 W. Horizon Ridge Pkwy in Henderson)


The restaurant’s lunch hours are from 11 to 1:30 and then for dinner it’s open from 5pm on (not sure what that means since we haven’t been for dinner).


The big draw for Pasta Shop & Ristorante is that they make all of their pasta fresh on site.  The restaurant has separate lunch and dinner menus and the Husband and I feel that the lunch menu is a great deal.  For between $10 and $15, you can have fresh made pasta, a caesar salad, and garlic bread.


Each time we’ve gone, we’ve ordered the Caesar Salad for $2 extra and love the large slices of parmesan on them.


The cheesy, garlic bread is made fresh and always comes out warm and gooey and garlicky,


On this occasion, the Husband ordered the Ravioli Pomodoro and thought it was excellent.


I ordered the Rigatoni Primavera and it was hands down the best primavera I’ve ever had.  The vegetables were clearly all fresh and then roasted/sauteed in olive oil to the perfect doneness.  Then it was all top with roasted cashews (my favorite).  An excellent, satisfying lunch!


As with our first experience, we loved our lunch and can’t wait for our next visit.  The service is good and we love that it’s all freshly made pasta.  Additionally, you can purchase pasta if you’d like to cook it up at home.  If you’re interested, be sure to ask the staff as we don’t believe there’s a refrigerator case.

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