Speakeasy Dinner at Capo’s

After the Vegas Mob Tour, my friend Michelle had the great idea to check out a restaurant she’d heard of, Capo’s Italian Cuisine, which has the fun decor of a speakeasy.  Of the four of us, I’m the only one who’d been to a speakeasy type establishment before and I was super excited (check out that experience in NYC at Milk n Honey)


The website for Capo’s advises that “for those resourceful enough to get inside…” as the entrance is semi-hidden (don’t worry, it doesn’t take too long to find it!).  Once we found the entrance, we entered into a small room with a phone booth and a window that opens, asking us what we were there for.  After advising we were there for dinner, the hidden entrance opened (don’t stand too close to that phone!) and we were inside the very well decorated restaurant.  We were led into the dining room, with the sounds of a live piano player, and we were seated at a plush red leather booth in the dimly lit room.


We really enjoyed the atmosphere of the restaurant…


…but it did make the menu reading a bit difficult!


All of the entrees came with either soup or salad which we gladly welcomed as we were hungry after the tour! The Husband opted for the Pasta e Faggioli soup which he really enjoyed.  It was thicker than I’d seen in other pasta e faggioli soups – quite hearty.


Our friends and I all opted to upgrade the salads to the Nico’s Caesar salad.


The Husband decided to go with an Italian classic with the Da Don’s Pasta which was a choice pasta and sauce.  He went with spaghetti with meat sauce and a meatball.  He really enjoyed it (aside from the garlic which I’ll comment on later).


Michelle went with the Trafficante Rigatoni which was rigatoni stuffed with cheese and tossed with prosciutto, peas and mushrooms and alfredo sauce.  She enjoyed it and shared a bite with me – it was excellent!


I’m not sure what Andy had but here’s a fuzzy picture of it :-)


I ordered the Fettuccine with Carbonara sauce (I can’t recall the menu name).  It was good, but again, a lot of garlic.


Before going to Capo’s, the negative reviews were about the garlic and I think I have to agree.  Not to be too gross, the Husband and I were still experiencing the garlic days after our meal – an unenjoyable side effect of the dinner.  The food had a lot of flavor, and we do love our garlic, but we think the food would be much more enjoyable if they cut the garlic in half.  We certainly had no fears of vampires for the week following our dinner and leftovers :-)

The service was fine – neither great nor bad – and we did enjoy the food overall.  The atmosphere is a lot of fun and the portions are huge.  We could certainly see coming back with other friends give them the speakeasy experience, but we don’t expect to be regular diners (not that we’re regular diners in most places since we’re always looking to try somewhere new!)

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