BB King’s House of Blues

After enjoying my afternoon around downtown Nashville and at the Country Music Hall of Fame, I went searching for a place for dinner.  I’d been considering checking out BB King’s House of Blues and when I walked past, I decided to stop in.  They were scheduled for a fundraiser that evening for breast cancer awareness but I was there early enough that the seats were still generally empty.  I was seated at a high top table and I sat to face the band that was preparing to perform.  I looked through the menu and wait for my server to arrive.


After a very long wait, the bartender made his way to my table and took my drink order (although I was ready to give my whole order – it was too loud to communicate).  I got a pint of the Blues Brew which I enjoyed.  Since it was so many weeks ago, I don’t remember much about it.


As I enjoyed my beer, I enjoyed the band :-) They perform every Friday night and were a fun way to enjoy happy hour.


As I watched the band, I noticed that I had no server and it didn’t seem like one was coming any time soon.  As time passed, I got more and more frustrated and decided that if I finished my beer before I could find a server (no one else was sitting on my side of the restaurant although it was generally one large room), I’d leave cash for the beer and leave.

In addition to the band and beer, I was distracted by the fun artwork…



Luckily, the bartender figured out that maybe I was there for dinner and came and took  my order.  I think there was some confusion between the host staff and the bar staff, especially with the event in a few hours after I was there, but I was so frustrated with the service.  I was hungry, though, and decided to still get some food.  I debated about what to get and ended up getting the pulled pork sandwich and a side of mac n cheese.


The sandwich was fine (not bad, not great), but the mac n cheese was lackluster.  I remember the sauce being watery and although I love penne/rigatoni, they don’t really belong in mac n cheese.


Overall, I was underwhelmed and disappointed with my experience.  However, the band was fun and I would potentially give them a second chance on a night without an event.  According to their website, there’s a location here in Las Vegas so perhaps the Husband and I will check it out sometime.

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