Pizza Milano

I was in the mood for a simple pizza place.  I jumped on Urbanspoon to see what was reasonably close by, and for whatever reason, Pizza Milano jumped out at me.


We popped in, and the place had a nice vibe.  It was a quiet (but not too quiet), neighborhood pizza place.  We popped up to the counter, and asked how to order a pizza.  They gave us menus, and we took a seat. 


So, you order at the counter (on the left, not pictured).  We ordered a couple pizzas, “large.”  Then, I popped over on the bar (on the right, not pictured).  The beer selection was pretty dreary, to be honest, but they did have Magic Hat #9, which I can’t get out West, so I ordered a fresh #9. 

They turned out to be huge.  We were so hungry, though, by the time I got the camera out, the guys had housed the first half of the pizza!


I managed to get a full picture of the second, though.


The pizza was pretty good.  We certainly didn’t regret the decision to go there, and I’ve been enjoying the pizza for the last couple days (finally through it out today, after 4 days).  I would go back, but I’d be leery about the narrow beer selection.

Pizza Milano on Urbanspoon

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