Dinner at Mac Shack

Where did last week go?!?! The weather cooled off here in Vegas just slightly and the Husband and I couldn’t stay inside.  I started learning to golf, played my first game for frisbee golf, and started the Couch to 5k program :-) It’s hot again outside this week so we’re back inside blogging for your reading and food pleasure! So, where were we?

Ah, yes… a week ago Friday, the Husband returned from another business trip and as I picked him up from the airport, I suggested we use one of our Groupons for a place a bit farther from our place – Mac Shack!  Now, those of you who know me in real life know how much I love my pasta.  In college, when Noodles & Co. came to my college town, I was in heaven.  Mac Shack one ups Noodles & Co with the ability to build your whole pasta dish from scratch or use a pre-designed bowl and change it only if you like.  Like Noodles & Co., Mac Shack is a casual, order at the counter, food delivered to your table establishment.  I was excited to use up the Groupon!


The restaurant had a semi-industrial look, as many pseudo fast food places have nowadays (like Chipotle) but it was bright and colorful at the same time.


I was overwhelmed by the menu!


We noticed once we got up to order that the counter had all of the ingredients under the glass.


Once we decided what we were having, I took a chance on my Groupon app and pulled up the coupon (instead of bringing a print out to turn over).  It threw off the cashier slightly but she took the phone and recorded the number and I marked it as “used.” Yay for saving trees!


Mac Shack had many alcoholic options to choose from…


But we opted for soda with our pasta :-)


I enjoyed seeing them make everything as they went.


As we waited for our food, the Husband and I admired the artwork throughout the restaurant.



Can you guess what we got?? Mac n Cheese of course!  The Husband got garlic, sausage and tomatoes in his…


And I went with chicken and mushrooms…


Both were delish! The pasta was cooked perfectly and the sauce was creamy.  I could have gone for some shredded cheese on top to stir in, but I can’t complain.  I’ve recently fallen in love with having lots of veggies (especially roasted peppers!) in my mac n cheese, as well as some hot sauce (like our Kouma’s visit!) so I can imagine going back, planning in advance so I’m not overwhelmed in line, and going to town on toppings!

In addition to enjoying the atmosphere, the prices, and the food, we were impressed with the service.  All of the servers were incredibly friendly and helpful.  Two thumbs us from the Husband and I.

And, they even had a free dessert on your way out… Score!


The Husband and I enjoyed our first visit and wish it were closer to home.  Perhaps expansion to The District one day could be in their future? We’d be happy if it were!

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