Last Saturday night I made a healthy dinner at my parents’ house and enjoyed the casual atmosphere with my sister, brother and his wife, and parents.  Since my brother still lives in the area, he knows of many of the new places worth checking out in the area and he recommended that we venture out to Rockville to try a relatively new fro-yo place he’s been to: Yogiberry.  As many of you have noticed, serve-yourself fro-yo is popping up everywhere (Josie’s is the one closest to our house in Las Vegas).  I imagine that people like having control over mixing and matching flavors and toppings.  A trend also seems to be that these locations must be very, very bright and colorful!


Yogiberry is like the others I’ve been to – many flavors and toppings to choose from.  Their prices are a bit higher (45 cents per ounce compared to 39 cents per ounce at our local Josie’s) but they also have the option of smoothies (I assume you fill your cup and then they throw it in a blender?).


In addition to their bright colors and modern feel, the floor is a fun material – lots of tiny pebbles glued together.


When they first opened, it looks like (according to the trusty internet) that they only had 4 flavors, but I believe they’re now up to 10.  They have the “regular” ones like Chocolate and included interesting ones like Green Apple and Lychee.



Each location had individual dispensers.


I was impressed with the amount of fresh fruit available and the uniqueness of some of them (they had actual lychees! perhaps why they have higher prices).


One of the employees was a stickler for cleanliness, vacuuming up the crumbs between the buckets often.


Lots of cereals and cookies to choose from…


As well as my favorite section – candy.  I’m a big fan of the mini Reese’s Pieces.


At the end of the bar, there’s also a handful of sauces to add to your bowl.

I tried to go small with my concoction.  I had a mix of the Original and Oreo flavors plus Reese’s Pieces, Strawberries, Mini Chocolate Chips, and a bit of chocolate syrup.  One of my big pet peeves with serve yourself places – the runniness of the fro yo.  It often doesn’t have any shape when dispensed and if it does, it’s pretty melted by the time you make it to your seat.  Boo to that!


My sister’s first time at a serve yourself place :-) Went a bit crazy with toppings!


Both she and I got the Original flavor in our bowls and we were not huge fans.  It was very yogurty tasting.  I know, it’s an odd thing to complain about, but fro yo fans know that fro yo doesn’t completely taste like refrigerator yogurt.  It wasn’t tart (like Tasty Yo – my love) but there was something about it that we didn’t like.  Oh well.

Packed in to our tiny table, we took some family portraits, enjoying our mini family reunion (boo to mine and my sister’s husbands not being there).



I think I’ll be giving one or two more serve yourself locations a try in Las Vegas, but so far I’m not a fan.

Question: What’s your favorite frozen yogurt place (or ice cream if you prefer)?

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