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After our fun visit to the Half Acre Brewery and a quick stop in a local bar to catch the end of the USA-Ghana World Cup match, we headed out to grab a late lunch.  Rachel, our fabulous Chicago-based hostess, learned of the Husband’s and my love for mac n cheese.  Knowing this, she recommended one of her favorite restaurants – Kuma’s Corner.



When we arrived, there was about a half hour wait for the six of us so I took the opportunity to take pictures of the inside of the restaurant.





The restaurant has a heavy metal theme as seen in the art, the music playing, and the menu item names.





I enjoyed reading their rules :-) Something to note is that some people might assume that if you don’t fit into the heavy metal crowd, you won’t feel comfortable here.  That’s most certainly not the case! Everyone is welcome and I can’t imagine anyone would feel uncomfortable!


After a relatively short wait, a table opened up! The menu is simple but has lots of options.  There are burgers on the right, appetizers and sandwiches on the left, and mac n cheese at the bottom left.  The menu states that there’s nothing on the menu that’s vegan (being a burger and mac n cheese place, this makes sense!).


The mac n cheese menu was “make your own.”  Your first two ingredients (besides the mac n cheese) are included and all others are $1.  If the Husband weren’t there to rein me in.  I wanted all of the veggies!


We started with beverages of course.  They had a good selection of both bottles and draft beers as well as microbrew sodas.


I ordered the Sprecher Cherry Cola while the Husband drank a Three Floyd’s Gumballhead American Wheat.  I liked the novelty of my soda but should have possibly gone with another flavor as I can be quite picky about cherry flavoring.


Since the Husband and I had to have mac n cheese but didn’t want to miss out on one of their famous burgers, we decided to order one of each and split them.  For our mac n cheese we got mushrooms, grilled chicken, and bacon.  Wow! This was SO good.  It was creamy, flavorful, and had a nice, crunchy bake on top.


I’ve become a huge fan of hot sauce on a ton of things.  In mac n cheese, it just does something so good to it.  We had both Sriracha and Cholula on the table.  I threw both in and it was heavenly :-)


For our burger, we went with the Brujeria which had cream cheese and chorizo stuffed jalapeno poppers, cheddar cheese, and charred tomato salsa.  It was good, but by the time we got to it, we were pretty full.  These dishes individually can feed two or more people!


Overall, this was a great recommendation that Rachel gave us.  We’re glad we got to taste their delicious macaroni and cheese and we’re glad that we don’t live closer (or at least our hearts are glad about it!).  Yum!

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