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Over the past few months, as I’ve begun to like peanut butter and other nut butters more and more, I’ve noticed many bloggers eating Peanut Butter & Company peanut butter.  A month or two ago, I found their Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter at Harris Teeter and fell in love! In addition to going to a mac n cheese restaurant during this past weekend’s girls weekend in NY, I specifically requested a visit to Peanut Butter & Company’s sandwich shop in Greenwich Village.  After getting ready for the day, we headed down to a rather packed sandwich shop!



They had lots of sandwich options involving various combinations of their flavored and unflavored peanut butters and other ingredients.  Their menu included sandwiches without peanut butter (which worked out well for one in our group wanting a grilled cheese sandwich), salads, and shakes and sundaes.


While ordering, it didn’t look like any tables would become available so we ordered ours to go.  As soon as the order was ready, however, one opened up and we snatched it right away!


Prior to sitting however, I checked out all they had to offer in terms of peanut butter, fluff, and beverages.  (For those not lucky enough to make it to the store, you can buy many of their flavors in your local grocery store or on their online store.)


Since we ordered ours to go, they were wrapped in foil instead of placed on a plate.


I ordered the Elvis which was peanut butter, bananas, and honey, all grilled together.  I had the option of bacon but passed.


It was warm and gooey, but as someone who doesn’t put a lot of peanut butter on my sandwiches, it was a bit overwhelming and it was difficult to taste the honey and bananas :-( I ate half and saved the other half for later.  When I go back, I might order the same thing but try to get it with dark chocolate peanut butter.

All sandwiches also came with chips and carrots.  I was most excited about the carrots :-) as the chips were just okay…


As for the girls, one ordered the Cinnamon Raisin Swirl Sandwich with cinnamon raisin swirl peanut butter, vanilla cream cheese, and apple slices.  She was a fan and shared a bite with me (also a fan!).  The other ordered a grilled cheese with tomato and bacon and was very very pleased!

Peanut Butter & Company
240 Sullivan Street, New York, NY

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