Spending the Night in Idaho Falls

After waking up cold at Great Basin National Park, the Husband and I packed up the car and headed toward Idaho Falls, ID via backroads versus the highway.  It was a very scenic drive through northeast Nevada, northwest Utah, and southeast Idaho before we finally arrived.  Within Nevada, we were able to see the Salt Flats in the distance which was pretty awesome.


And I, of course, had to snap photos of the state welcome signs.



I think Idaho’s sign might have been put up all the way back when it became a state in 1890!

When we finally made it to Idaho Falls, we checked into the hotel and headed to dinner.  We tried to get some suggestions from Yelp or Urbanspoon but since neither were heavily populated, we went with one of the restaurants that looked intriguing and claimed to have amazing burgers: Blue Wave Great Burgers.  When we arrived, I was a little bit concerned about not being a “local” and considered leaving.  After standing around the bar for a few minutes looking lost, a very friendly waitress asked if we’d been helped.  We asked if we could sit outside and she encouraged us to do so, took our drink order, and handed us menus to take with us.



We sat at the picnic table closest to the front door and began looking through the menu.


The menu included burgers, grilled sandwiches, chicken, fish, and fried foods.


We stuck to the burgers though, since that’s why we had come to the restaurant/bar.


Our waitress brought the Husband his beer and my water and took our order.


We had noticed that the pots holding the tent in place also had tomato plants on them.  They were originally just for decoration until the staff learned of the awesomeness of locally grown tomatoes Smile


After chatting with much of the staff as they walked in and out of the bar, we were brought our burgers.  The Husband got the Blue Special which was two 1/3lb beef patties, with bacon, a slice of American cheese, and a slice of Jack.  The burger was delicious and flavorful and the bacon was some of the best the Husband has had on a burger.


On the side, he ordered Cheese Tots which were fabulous! Tater tots + cheese is heavenly.


I ordered the Mushroom Swiss Burger which was also very good.  I got it with the fries which were good as well.


Overall, the food and service were fabulous.  We loved our burgers, the tots, the staff, and getting to sit outside.  We laughed at first at the sign they have outside that says it’s “family friendly” but if you bring your family and sit outside (it’s really smoky inside), it truly is.  The food is good and cheap and the staff delightful.  We’re glad we took a chance on them.

Our tots and fries, and being in Idaho, made us start thinking about why Idaho potatoes are claimed to be so “special.”  Thanks to the internet and our smartphones, we learned all about the history of the potato and why Idaho makes it special.  IdahoPotato.com is an amazingly fascinating site (if you like potatoes) so I recommend you check it out!

Blue Wave Great Burgers on Urbanspoon

3 thoughts on “Spending the Night in Idaho Falls

  1. That does it. I”m going to tour the west next year for my vacation.

    With the willingness of the waitress to seat you outside, two thoughts come to mine: 1. She wanted to show the ‘locals’ the proper casual attire. OR 2. She was didn’t want you inside spoiling the western atmosphere.


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