Founding Farmers

After my quick trip to Charlotte in July, I headed north to my original home of DC to celebrate my best friend’s 30th birthday.  Four of us (who are all turning 30 in the next few months) had grand plans for a girls’ night out.  I had a hotel booked in Dupont Circle and they were all going to meet me on Saturday evening for dinner, drinks, a show, and then a girls night outing.  I was lucky enough, however, to have my best friend join me after I arrived Friday night.  When we woke up Saturday morning, we decided to go for a walk in the city – first for some brunch and then on to some shopping.  We didn’t have a plan in mind and simply headed south to see what we might find.  When we found ourselves in front of Founding Farmers, I was excited to give it a try!

Since DC is home and I clearly love food, I read a number of DC area food blogs.  Some time in the past few months, I learned of Founding Farmers from one of those many blogs and I was interested in going there one day in the future.  The focus of Founding Farmers is on fresh, locally grown foods, which I believe often taste better.  Founding Farmers is a very busy spot (especially on weekend mornings) so when we arrived there was quite a bit of a wait.


We learned, however, that the bar was seat yourself and not five minutes went by before two seats at the end of the bar opened up.  Score! We took a seat, took our names off the waiting list, and got to deciding what to eat and drink for brunch.


While my best friend Alison went with coffee, I went with fresh squeezed lemonade Smile I love lemonade!


My brunch option was a no brainer when I came across the crab cake benedict.  Eggs benedict is my favorite breakfast item (minus the ham… substitute in veggies or seafood and I’m sold) plus the Husband proclaims me to be a crab snob (being from Maryland a good chunk of my life, I don’t deny it).  So, when I learned I could have local crab meat on eggs benedict, I looked no further on the menu! And it was GOOD! Plus some fresh fruit on the side, it was a perfect brunch item for me.


Alison went a tad healthier than me with the Drag Through the Garden which was pan scrambled egg whites (Alison added the yolks as well), roasted seasonal veggies, fresh spinach, and white cheddar.  On the side, she had whole wheat toast and some grits.


Overall, we loved our food and we’re glad we didn’t have to wait a long time to be seated (thanks to being a small group and keeping a good eye on the bar!).  The service was a bit slow at times and it was sometimes difficult to flag down the bartender/waiter, but we were able to happily fill our time with catching up and talking about our plans for the night.  I think the Husband would really enjoy brunch here and plan to take him back when the first opportunity presents itself.

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