The Pub at Monte Carlo

When I asked my brother what show(s) were at the top of his list for the visit, he quickly stated “The Jabawockeez.” Not knowing much about them other than the fact that they were dancers with masks at the Monte Carlo, I wasn’t very interested in seeing them.  However, since I like my brother and I wanted him to have a good visit, I reluctantly agreed to see them.  (For those of you uneducated like me, they were the winners on a show called America’s Best Dance Crew)  Getting tickets was a bit of an ordeal (I wanted to try to save money, but they didn’t have a locals discount and each time I tried to get tickets at the half price ticket booths, they were sold out).  Luckily, the box office still had some tickets in the upper level and we were able to snag four tickets the day of the show.

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Not even 5 minutes into the actual show, I changed my mind.  They are pretty awesome! The dancers are talented and fun to watch.  The show has a whole spectrum of music and dance styles and a loose storyline to follow.  The only complaint I have is that the theatre wasn’t designed for them so parts of the show are impossible to see from the upper level (any time they go into the crowd).  However, we didn’t miss much and we would all highly recommend them if you have time to see them while in Vegas.

After the show, we were hungry and debated about a handful of places to go.  Since we were parked at the Monte Carlo and didn’t want to go far, we decided to try out The Pub and are very happy we did.


The mac & cheese under the appetizer menu looked amazing and it was! It was smoked gouda, parmesan, and fontina cheeses plus pancetta, English peas, and toasted breadcrumbs. SO VERY GOOD!  It was also more than enough for my dinner and for samples for the rest of the table.


A big grin for how much I loved this mac & cheese








The Husband and my brother each ordered burgers – the Hangover Cure which is a cheeseburger with secret sauce and a fried egg.  The Husband got his with fries and my brother with onion rings.  At the recommendation of the waiter, the Husband’s fries were Mesquite and they were AMAZING.  Not something we would have thought to order, but we highly recommend them.  (My brother and sister-in-law actually stopped back there the next day before heading to California, just to have the fries)



My sister-in-law ordered the one of the flatbreads and I enjoyed it as leftovers the next day Smile.


Overall, the food was great and the service was fabulous.  On our way out, we even chatted with the manager and complimented him on how great the experience was.

For all of you locals out there, they have a great locals program that your server can help you sign up for.  As a local, with the Locals card, which is free, you get the happy hour specials all day every day, plus Sundays have something like half priced burgers for the members (don’t quote me on that, but it’s something special).  We’ve got our card now and hope to be back this football season!
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