De Marco’s Italian Restaurant

Earlier this summer, our friend Matt came to town for work and we got together with him for dinner after work.  We met him at his hotel off tbe Strip and went searching for a place to eat.  After failing to find a restaurant the Husband was looking for, we settled for the first place we found that was open with interesting-enough food.  So, we ended up at De Marco’s Italian Restaurant.

When we got the restaurant, we admitted to our friend that we forgot we were getting together and we already had had dinner, but we enjoyed an appetizer with him and kept him company while he ate his meal.  To start, we had the Bruschetta which was fabulous.  The tomatoes were fresh and the mixture was flavorful.  The bread was the right amount of crispy yet soft.


Our friend ordered a small Margherita Pizza which he enjoyed.  It was a good size for a small for one, leaving some extra pieces for leftovers.


Personally, I had my eye on dessert the moment we walked in.  I ordered the chocolate gelato and it was heavenly.  Thick and creamy and chocolatey – it was small which was the perfect size for me.


Overall, this was a good dining experience at a random shopping center on Maryland Parkway.  The food was enjoyable and the service was great.  Our server was very knowledgeable and friendly, but wasn’t obnoxious.  It was a great night catching up with a good friend!

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