Republic Kitchen

Ever since it opened, I’ve been eyeing Republic Kitchen & Bar as being on my “to try” list and the Husband and I finally made it there a handful of weeks ago with some friends after work.  (I forgot to get a picture of the sign until after dinner)


Republic Kitchen took over a space which Fado used to fill and that was clear by the décor: very large dark wood bar and other Irish touches.  I liked the open air and vintage feel of the place.



There appeared to be a 2nd floor but I wasn’t sure what was up there…


On to the food! (I know you’ve missed seeing the food on the blog Smile )  As we waited for some of our friends to arrive, the Husband and I ordered an appetizer of Pigs in The Blanket which came with sides of cheddar cheese fondue and whole grain mustard.  These were as good as my memories of them at fancy events as a kid!


The Husband ordered a beer sampler, but we don’t remember which ones he had (a good reason to blog in a timely manner of course)…


The Husband had the below sandwich which I believe was pulled pork (although that’s not on the menu online)… no matter what it was, he enjoyed it.


I ordered the Summer Berry Salad which had mixed greens, blueberries, strawberries, goat cheese and an orange balsamic vinaigrette.  I added grilled chicken to it for protein.  As expected, it was a great combination and fresh.  (This style is always one of my favorites in the summer and this one didn’t disappoint.)


On the side, and shared with the Husband and friends, I ordered the mac n cheese.  Good stuff!


My friend Michelle offered me a taste of her Lemon Chicken Breast which came with mashed potatoes and asparagus.  As with the other food, it was good.


Overall, the food was enjoyable and reasonably priced.  Our waitress was sometimes slow but very friendly and personable.  We had a good time with our friends and wouldn’t hesitate to head back to Republic for happy hour if the mood struck.

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