La Fonda El Taquito–KC Style

In mid-June, the Husband and I headed to Kansas City on our way to a wedding in southeastern Kansas.  While the Husband stopped in KC on his drive across the country with his dad last year (to bring his car cross country after we moved from Charlotte to Las Vegas), I personally had never been.  Since there wasn’t much to do in the area of Kansas where the wedding was occurring, the bride and groom recommended that we hang out in KC for the night and head down to the wedding in the morning.  The Husband did some research on the area and picked out what he thought was a brew pub for dinner.  Unfortunately, when we arrived to the Boulevard Brewery, we realized it wasn’t a brewpub (and it wasn’t open when we got there).  Luckily, a block or two away there appeared to be a handful of Mexican restaurants.  After a quick glance on Urbanspoon where they all had rave reviews, we moved our car and walked into the first one we saw – La Fonda el Taquito.


Although the picture above shows that it was dark (I took it as we walked out), we got there during prime happy hour/dinner time so the restaurant was pretty full.  Luckily, there was space for us in the middle that we were waved over to.  We were brought menus and some chips and yummy salsa to enjoy while we figured out what to order.



The Husband and I were happy to see that they had Boulevard Brewery beers and ordered the Pale Ale (for him) and Wheat (for me).  We enjoyed them and looked forward to trying others throughout the weekend.


The Husband and I don’t remember what he ordered, but it looks like it might have been the Delicious Mexican Platter.  He thought it was a fine dish, but nothing special.


I ordered Carne Asada burrito filled with refried beans, cheese, and meat. I enjoyed it and found it filling and flavorful. (Looking at the online menu, it looks like I actually got the La Fonda’s Giant Burrito Spread which explains why the bill was more than I expected… it was good though!)


The food was pretty good and the prices were fabulous.  However, the service was lacking.  Our waitress was difficult to flag down and didn’t bring us beverages we requested.  Luckily we paid cash and didn’t have to wait for her to run our credit cards.  With all of the other Mexican restaurants on the block and the rave reviews for them as well on Urbanspoon, I’d recommend trying out one of the others that might have better service.

La Fonda El Taquito on Urbanspoon

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